A healthy boy was born 19 years after the embryo was frozen

A healthy boy was born 19 years after the embryo was frozen

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Kelly Burke, a 45-year-old American woman, became a mother thanks to the decision of another couple who in 1994 decided to freeze the embryos.

19 years ago, a couple from Oregon had difficulty in having children. After a long struggle for a child, the decision was made: in vitro with the freezing of additional embryos. The procedure was successful the first time: two-twin twins were born.

Since then, the embryos remained frozen until last year, when the couple decided to give them to Burke. An open adoption agreement has been signed. The doctors thawed the embryos and on the fifth day decided to start the required procedure. Nine months later, Kelly Burke gave birth to a healthy son, Liam James

Burke was very excited that she managed to obtain embryos. He emphasizes that this is not easy, the more he appreciates the decision of the Oregon couple. She hopes that her story will give positive energy to other couples dreaming of a child to no avail.

When Liam James grows up, he will be able to meet his siblings, who are already in teenage age today.