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When a child screams, "buy me ..."

When a child screams, "buy me ..."

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I am not perfect. I'm just a mom. Human. I am wrong and sometimes I work to my disadvantage. I had to make some mistakes. On the blacklist is my "good heart", or rather the desire to silence any "moans" in the bud.

As for confession, I confess that I gave in to requests to buy something we didn't plan, handed the lollipop to end "whining", gave a wafer to be able to do shopping and have peace of mind. How did it end There was simply a time when I had to make myself ... crazy.

For my excuse ...

I don't have an ideal situation where my aunts and grandmothers are eager to look after children (I don't know if I would like to). The husband works all day sometimes, and somehow shopping has to be done. My weakness finally got a "reward". With the children in the pram and by the pram in the local store, something cracked in me ...

Because other methods don't work

With my hand on my heart: I tried everything, ignoring, not listening, avoiding eye contact. The kids said they wanted to, then they smiled, nothing. All lectures and prejudices were also unsuccessful. Why? Because the children are at such a stage that they remember that sometimes they succeeded, so why not try? And I have patience in deficit quantities. And kids know it too.

Besides, with my temperament, well, waiting for the effects that may come or not, it's not for me. Therefore, the next time I passed the department with bread, yogurt and flour while shopping, listening to the sounds of moaning and watching the faces of the martyrs, I could not stand and ... I also began to moan.

"Honey, buy me, buy me. Mommy wants a lollipop, please, buy, why don't you buy? Am I being polite? You buy? Buy, buy, buy me! "

I needed a few moments to get started. I liked it so much that I didn't even notice too many surprised faces around. And you know what? The kids started begging me to stop that their friends' mother was walking next door (I believed the word, focused on not falling out of the whining rhythm) that I should not shame them (it's older) and that they are afraid of me (younger).

Effect? I announce, I hope, not instant success. My whining was awarded. The next four exits to the store passed peacefully ...

Is this a good way? Good because effective!

Is it worth it Decide for yourself. I have peace. And finally I manage to buy everything I need, without any requests, threats or nerves.