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Body after delivery: what does it look like?

Body after delivery: what does it look like?

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What does the average woman look like after pregnancy and childbirth? How does the body change after having a baby? We will not find out from most websites or newspapers for young parents. Even if the authors of the articles are honest, photographs usually do not reflect the truth.

Instead of real stomachs, thighs and breasts, we see smiling characters in many ways retouched and correctedwhose beauty remains perfect. Meanwhile, reality is far from stereotypically perceived beauty. And a photographer decided to show her ...

Many women notice giving birth at home excess skin on the stomach, stretch marks, scars, cellulite. The silhouette changing after delivery should not, however, be a reason for complexes.

Jade Beall photographs and shows the bodies of women after childbirth to help young mothers. Make it clear that you can feel beautiful even if the appearance is far from pre-pregnancy.

Beall began by photographing loved ones. Over time, foreign women began to report to her, wanting to show their body and pose in a just cause. So far, Beall has already photographed over 70 women. She only supported the work of make-up artists. She did not apply retouching, no computer programs or ways to improve reality.

An album with selected Beall photos will be published soon.

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