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Mold in BoboVita dinners?

Mold in BoboVita dinners?

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A father in Chorzów, who values ​​BoboVita products, came across a disturbing batch of products in which, according to his account, there was supposed to be mold. Dinners properly packed (without bulging lid, opening with a characteristic click) had taste badand their quality is far from ideal.

The man tried to clarify the matter for many months. Finally, after a fairly surprising sequence of events and receiving a response from Sanepid and producer BoboVity: Nutricia, he decided to make the matter public.In April this year, Mr. Sławomir bought in Carrefour store in Chorzów a dozen pieces of jars, including dinner with beef in tomato sauce, and among them unlucky three plays from series: 570200 / L: 05/01/2015. After wiping one of the jars, the man and his wife were disturbed by the taste of the dish. They reached for a second jar. Anxiety has increased.

The man, bearing in mind the story of Ms. Kamila, who was supposed to find a rat in the porridge, which in turn turned out to be a compact lump of the product, decided to first investigate the matter, obtaining a response from the producer Bobovita, and then possibly share his knowledge and discovery.

What happened next After alerting the producer BoboVity, the man was visited by an employee of the Nutricia Polska company, took an unlucky jar and bought two more at the supermarket where the man was shopping. After a few days the answer came.

The same day Mr. Sławomir reported the Nutricia case, he went with the jar of the product to Sanepid. The answer was received only after three months: namely 29.07.2013. Here she is: