When does an infant start smiling?

Standards have that they don't work in every case. They constitute a certain average from which quite large deviations in one direction or another may occur. Therefore, there are mothers who have the opportunity to see the child's first conscious smile already in the fifth week of life and those who must wait for him until the ninth week of life.

Tutorials indicate that The first conscious smile should appear around the age of six or eight weeks. Medical consultation requires a lack of conscious smile and interaction with the parent until the end of the infant's third-fourth month of life.

What does it mean that the child smiles consciously?

The child's conscious smile appears on the face of the infant in response to the parent's smile. It can brighten the face after mom or dad approach the baby's cot, take the baby in their arms. This is an important moment for a family that you remember for a long time.

The infant starts smiling very quickly. Most often already a few days after birth. However, this is not a conscious smile. Most often it appears during sleep, as well as after eating or when the toddler pee.

How to react to the first smiles of the child?

Reaction to the child's first smile shouldn't be too violent which can frighten a more sensitive baby. The best answer will be what your intuition tells you and what happens naturally: a gentle smile and attention given to the baby.

How to make a baby like to smile and "play with faces" with parents:

  • smile at your child as often as possible
  • make faces and grimaces
  • don't be afraid to laugh at your child
  • show emotions with your face,
  • be with a child
  • take advantage of the moments of activity when the baby is awake to play together.

Do you remember when your children smiled for the first time? Maybe you are still waiting for this important moment?