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How to involve children in Easter preparations?

How to involve children in Easter preparations?

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Windows washed? Curtains suspended? Cress green on the windowsill? For me, preparations for Easter are in full swing and my mind is full of ideas. Pre-Christmas time in my home can be described in one word - chaos. I run from store to store, from room to room, I bustle in the kitchen and bathroom, at the same time trying to with a clear conscience on holidays to be able to celebrate the fact that we are all together, only for ourselves and we do not have to do absolutely anything (except food prepared treats of course).

Talk about tradition

In all this bustle I try not to forget about children, because it is worth taking a moment to talk about family traditions that are associated with the coming time, and for children can often be incomprehensible and strange.
Pre-Christmas time is also a great opportunity to involve the youngest generation in preparation. This guarantees unforgettable moments and many positive emotions. After all, there is no better view than a child smeared from head to toe with chocolate coating on his nose, biscuit crumbs in his hair and a bitten carrot in his hand ...

Easter egg recipe

Easter is inseparably associated with colorful eggs and dishes in which they play the first violin. I have already written about natural methods for coloring eggs.

That is why I have already supplied myself with Onion shells, periwinkle leaves, walnuts and beetroots and I'm going to enchant ordinary daughters with colorful wonders with my daughters. I also suggest it to you, because nothing tastes better than handmade Easter eggs. Here is a really easy way to beautiful table decoration, which you can fool with taste and without fear of health:

We will need a few sprigs of parsley, dill or coriander, stocking, thread and of course eggs. Wash the eggs thoroughly in warm water. We cut off a piece of stocking - so that it fits an egg. Arrange the branches of herbs smoothly on the egg, put in stockings and tie them with thread on both sides, like candy, so that the branches do not move during cooking. We dye the eggs to the chosen color, preferably one of the natural methods. After cooking, we take off the stocking, peel off the twig and we have beautiful Easter eggs painted with nature. It is such a pleasant and easy way that even the youngest will cope with it, and the effect will satisfy everyone.

Let's cook together

During our bustle, children are bored, and TV and computer games are not as good a companion to play as mom or dad, so do not get angry when the toddlers get tangled under our feet. Let's make our home kitchen revolution and invite them to help. There are many fantastic dishes that we can successfully prepare together. I am sure that during a solemn breakfast there will be much less fuss if there are dishes prepared by small chefs on the table.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Kajzerki stuffed with egg

Carefully cut the top from the Kaiser or a small roll. We hollow out the majority of the agent so that it fits inside the egg - this is what children will gladly help, I bet that they will quickly reach perfection in this activity, and at the same time practice small fingers. In this way, we created bowls in which we will hammer eggs. Stick the washed eggs directly into the hollow buns. Lightly season with salt and white pepper, add a little butter, sprinkle with chives and cover with rolls cut off on top. Put in the oven and bake until the egg is cut - about 15-20 minutes.

Rolls with cheese and ham
15 slices of ham
10 slices of yellow cheese
2 pickled cucumbers
1-2 teaspoons horseradish
half a bunch of chives
salt, pepper to taste

Cut 5 slices of ham into small cubes. Chopped canned cucumbers or grated on a coarse grater. Add the horseradish to the mayonnaise and mix it with ham and cucumbers. Spread the remaining slices of ham, each with a slice of cheese. We put the stuffing and roll it into rolls. We tie each roll with a chive blade (chives can be poured with boiling water, it will be more springy).

This is another simple recipe for an attractive dish, not only for Easter breakfast. Children are more likely to eat meals that they prepare themselves, and rolling cheese and ham rolls is great fun.

In a more delicate version, horseradish can be replaced with cream cheese and seasoned with e.g. chives.

Spring skewers

A bunch of radishes
Green cucumber
Colorful Peppers
A few slices of dark whole wheat bread
Butter / cheese / bread paste - to choose, to color what you like.
Skewer sticks or long toothpicks

If we have a problem with getting kids to eat vegetables, this simple and pleasant way will make them happy to reach another portion. Wash the vegetables thoroughly, make sandwiches from your bread, spread with your favorite addition and cut into small cubes. Children will be happy to help alternate ingredients on sticks. In this way delicious and healthy skewers will be created.

Yeast mazurka
Probably each mother has her favorite recipe for an excellent yeast dough, so I'm not going to mess in your head. Your recipes are the greatest in the world and thanks to them you can treat children with phenomenal fun. From my childhood I remember how my grandmother let me decorate Christmas mazurkas. We used raw yeast dough to make strips and balls of various sizes and lay them on the dough. This is how our spring masterpieces were created. Mazurkas were smiling happily from the table, wishing them a merry Christmas and enjoying the eyes of revelers with bouquets of flowers and catkins. In this simple and unsophisticated way, my grandmother gave me a lot of fun every year, and I still have tears in my eyes when I remember these times.

Dear parents, during the Christmas fever, let's not forget that we create the tradition, that it survives only when we take care of the smallest little things, when we instill in our children the joy of preparing for Christmas. If we understand that this is not just a boring or tiring part of the holiday plan, our children as adults will warmly remember the Christmas time at home. However, if we lose the need to continue our old family customs, we will also lose the joy that enriched every coming Christmas when we were children. I wish you that this year you and your children would be children and enjoy themselves as children - sincerely and boundlessly, as if nothing else existed in the world but you.