Chinese short stories for children

Chinese short stories for children

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In You can find a selection of Chinese folk tales and legends to read to your children. These are popular stories with which you can teach your children values ​​such as sincerity, honesty, generosity or effort.

Some of these stories are hundreds of years old and are part of the traditions of the Chinese people, a great way for children to learn about other cultures.

Here you have a wide variety of popular Chinese stories that you can read to your children to educate them in values.

The ivory chopsticks. The ivory chopsticks is a traditional Chinese tale that helps explain to children not to be greedy, since, as the saying goes, 'greed breaks the sack'.

The art of calligraphy. The art of calligraphy is a Chinese short story that teaches children that you shouldn't brag about your skills, but keep working on them to get better and better. A very popular tale among the children of China. Stories with positive messages for children.

NIan, the monster. Meet the short story for children of Nian, the monster. It is a Chinese folk tale that explains to children why the Chinese New Year is celebrated with noise and a lot of red color. In addition to more traditional Chinese stories, you will find reading comprehension questions.

The young woman and the prince. The young woman and the prince is a Chinese short story that teaches children that with tricks and deceptions nothing is achieved and, it is preferable to be honest and sincere.

The boy who found the light. This story, The boy who found the light, is a popular Chinese story that teaches children that there is a place to achieve the objectives and goals that one wants.

Kuichú's donkey. Kuichú's ass is an anonymous Chinese tale. A legend that teaches children that it is not convenient to show all our weaknesses to others, especially when they do not come as friends.

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