Good weather and rain. New Fables for Children

Good weather and rain. New Fables for Children

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Good weather and rain is one modern anonymous fable that we can read to children and explain that saying that says 'it never rains to everyone's liking' or 'to taste the colors'.

Through fables, parents can apply a teaching to our children thanks to the morals they contain.

Once upon a time, there were three little dogs and three little frogs who were close friends, although they sometimes argued.

If the day was rainy the frogs would get very happy. Instead, the puppies were sad because they did not like water.

-We are going to take a dip in the puddles that are forming! -said the frogs very happy with the storm.

-Bah! The rain bores us! -answered the grumpy dogs.

When it was sunny, the opposite happened; the dogs were very happy because they could walk quietly and the frogs were very sad because they got bored without puddles to play in.

When were the dogs and frogs happy? Very simple !: the days that were cloudy but without rain.

Moral: it never rains to everyone's liking.

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