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Gift ideas for Father's Day

Gift ideas for Father's Day

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Father's Day is fast approaching. June 23 is a special time when both young children and adults should show their Dads how important they are in their lives. In addition to a phone call with wishes, a kiss, a walk together or a poem recited in the morning, it's worth thinking about a little thing. Below are some interesting suggestions.


Some love traditional solutions, finding pleasure in buying classic gifts. The list of the most popular are: wallet, tie, socks, possibly a writing set, photo frame. You can also reach for an interesting book from the sensation category or favorite DVD movie. In this category you can also place all accessories for serving alcohol, for example wine and better quality alcohols.


For Father's Day, we can also choose a more original gift from the entertainment category. An interesting challenge may be:

  • go kart ride (about PLN 50)
  • tandem flight on a paraglider (about PLN 200)
  • climbing (about 120 zlotys)
  • diving course (about 1000 PLN)
  • Monster Truck ride (available for example in Warsaw about PLN 200)
  • shooting Kalashnikov (about 200 zlotys),
  • rally car ride (around 500-600 zlotys).


An interesting idea for Father's Day may also be ordering a T-shirt with an individually designed inscription. Some inspirational ideas below.


You can also buy a mug with a photo, create a photo calendar, make an album with the most interesting shots, design a photo key ring, etc. There are many companies on the market that deal with this type of service, so choosing one of them should not be a problem .