Bach flowers for children and pregnant women

Bach flowers for children and pregnant women

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Flower medicines constitute a therapeutic alternative oriented towards emotional well-being. The Bach flowers, developed by physician Edward Bach, have no side effects and can be used in conjunction with medicine, food, and homeopathy. It can be taken at any age, from newborns to the elderly.

In an exclusive interview, theDr. Eduardo Grecco, BA in Psychology and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, tells us how this flower therapy can help children and pregnant women overcome emotional problems.

Bach Flowers are suitable for everyone and can be taken at any age. From newborns, diluting a few drops in the bottle, to the elderly, they even give very good results on animals and plants. This flower remedy helps everyone overcome the daily worries and anxiety that work and family often generate and that prevent us from enjoying moments to the fullest. They can restore our emotional balance to different situations that affect our daily routine.

They are recommended for any emotional imbalance that children may feel, for example from when they are afraid of familiar things and situations, such as the night or the dark, to situations in which they are more tired or nervous and have doubts about their ability to comply with homework, in the case of older children.

They are also recommended when the child is experiencing a stressful situation that can cause the sensation of loss of self-esteem and feel trapped in a situation. Lack of motivation, discouragement or lack of self-confidence can also be alleviated with Bach Flowers.

Bach flowers are also indicated to alleviate the emotional changes that women usually present during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman feels an emotional imbalance and wants to balance it, it is advised that she take the flower that is closest to her emotional state. For example, if the woman finds it difficult to adapt to changes or is more sensitive to certain ideas, environments and influences, she can take the Walnut flower, a remedy for times of major changes in a person's life, such as, in this case, the pregnancy. Or for example, if you feel lack of energy, physical or mental exhaustion, you could take Olive to help you restore energy and vitality.

Bach Flowers are indicated to balance emotional states. In the case of women who want to conceive a child and have difficulties, we would have to analyze the root of the problem and see what the reason is. It can be from the existence of discouragement or hopelessness, when there is a lack of confidence in oneself and there is fear of failure, to discouragement before small setbacks and feelings of discouragement and stress. The flowers in this case would be Larch and Gentian. In the case of postpartum depression, if the reason is internal and the feeling is of guilt, remorse or a feeling of being responsible for everything around you, the Pine flower is recommended.

In the event that the reason is the fear of childbirth that the woman faces during pregnancy, the Mimulus flower can be recommended, which helps to balance known fears. If people who live their fears quietly and secretly, without talking about it freely with others, Agrimony could be the right flower to help them vent their problems.

Bach flowers are available in pharmacies, drug stores and outlets of diet products. You can also get more information on its official website. You can take Bach flowers as many times a day as necessary until you feel relief, two drops from the bottle of the chosen flower, 4 times a day as a general dosage or as indicated by the therapist. You can also dilute the solution in a glass of water and sip throughout the day.

The Bach flower can be used externally by applying a few drops to the wrists, lips or temples. The duration will vary depending on the people and the circumstances. For specific or temporary situations you may notice immediate relief. On the other hand, if the emotional state is deeply ingrained, it may take days or weeks.

Note: The BachTM Flowers originals are distributed in Spain by Laboratorios Diafarm, which since its foundation in 1982 has oriented its activities towards the commercial distribution of brands in the field of health and well-being, in Spain, Portugal and France. Before taking any solution it is advisable to consult with the doctor or therapist.

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