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Thank you all for participating in the competition! We were very pleased to read your answers.

We would like to reward all participants, but the rules are such and not different and we only have four prizes funded by our Sponsor: the Naturino children's footwear brand.
After hot discussions, we selected the winners.

The main prize is the baby footwear Mrs. Anna Bogacka from Legionowo.

Consolation prizes go to:

  • Mrs. Lidia Jarocka - rebate code * and shirt
  • Ms Aneta Buniowska - rebate code * and bag
  • Mrs. Hanna Piecychny - rebate code * and hat

* A rebate code in the form of a 20% discount on the entire range for use in Naturino brand stores in Warsaw, Łódź, Krakow and Poznan.

Once again, thank you and ... we are revealing the secret: soon there are more opportunities to win interesting prizes! Expect the next competition in a few days, in April!
If you have ideas on what the next competition task could be, share your ideas in the comments!