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Animals from toilet paper rolls

Animals from toilet paper rolls

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Kind of ordinary, gray and thrown into the trash as soon as possibleand can be an interesting invitation to have fun together. Toilet paper rolls (we are talking about them) can be found in every home and instead of throwing them away, you can collect a few and create real miracles from them, and at the same time have fun with your child.
There are many ideas, just a little creativity and common ideas. For example, today, my son and I covered all unnecessary rolls with colored cards, and then the ideas came to mind. We decided that they would be animals.

To make it, we used: of course, toilet paper rolls, a colored drawing block, a pencil, a black felt-tip pen, glue and scissors. Here's what happened to us:

A paper roll

We start making a frog by covering the roll with green paper. We cut out the previously measured rectangle, then we grease it with glue and glue together to the roll. Then cut the head from the green card, from the white and black eyes, the nose and from the red face. We glue the eyes, nose and mouth on a smaller piece of paper, and only at the end glue the entire frog head to the torso with glue.


Pig was created from a roll covered with a pink color. We cut out the head, ears, eyes, snout and tail separately. We glue everything on the pig's head, and in the neck we draw the marker and pig's nose with a felt-tip pen. Glue the head to the roll and finally the pink tail.


The black roll was made of Hela fudge (that's what her son called it). We glue the black card to the roll and then the white patches. We cut out the head and part of the tail from the white card. With a pink face and ears, and with a blue eye. Because Hela could not be ordinary, I cut her hair, horns and tail from her black card. We stuck the face, eyes, ears, horns and hair on the head. At the end we draw a black marker pen nose and fudge face. The head is glued at the front, while at the back a white tail with a black "brush"


To make a butterfly, we wrap the roll with a yellow card. We cut out the head, antennae, nose and eyes. We create wings from the green card, and circles, flowers, etc. for decoration from the other colors. On the head, we attach eyes, nose and tentacles, and we can paint the face with a felt-tip pen. The wings are decorated with various shapes and glued to the back of the roll, and the head on the front.


The ladybug is made of a roll covered with a black card. We cut the head out of the pink one, out of the white eye, the red nose, and out of the black eye the hair, tentacles and dots. I cut the wings from a red card, red buttons and tentacle tips. On the head, glue the eyes, nose, hair and tentacles, draw the face with a black felt-tip pen. The whole is glued on the front of the roll. We attach black dots on the wings and ladybugs on the back. Finally, glue the red buttons on the belly of the ladybug.