The role of the father in childbirth

The role of the father in childbirth

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During childbirth, it is obvious that the most active role is played by the mother, however, the role of the father is very important for the woman as it can provide emotional and physical support throughout the process.

A few years ago the parents were not allowed access to the delivery room and they knew the baby when it was already born. Today parents can choose whether the father will be present or not.

It is becoming more and more normal for the father to participate throughout the pregnancy process, going to visits with the gynecologist, ultrasound scans or the childbirth preparation course. In general, parents also choose to be present in the delivery room throughout the delivery process, but how can they help the pregnant woman?

Labor has several clearly different phases: dilation, expulsion, and delivery. In each of the moments you can give support in a certain way.

- During the dilation phase: in this stage of labor the woman already feels contractions, is sore and uncomfortable. The father can massage the kidneys on both sides of the spine with both hands to relieve pressure. It can also remind you of other tricks to get through this phase more calmly, such as taking a hot shower or putting a towel on the back of your neck or forehead.

It is very important that the woman feels the father's company and support and that the father is patient and loving throughout the process. During contractions it is advisable not to speak and simply take her by the hand so that you notice her presence. It is important that you do not censor or scold the mother but do motivate her with encouraging phrases. It can also distract you from constantly thinking about labor.

The father can keep track of the contractions by controlling their rhythm and frequency.

- During the expulsion phase: at this stage of labor the woman can push. Dad can remind her to do the breathing she learned in childbirth classes and try not to force her face or neck with each push. You can stand by her side to help her lift her body a little when pushing. It is important to be patient if she gets nervous and gives a bad answer, not to get into controversy and to stay by her side with encouraging phrases and pampering her. It will motivate you to know that labor is about to end.

- During the delivery phase: the baby is already in your arms. Before turning to the cameras and focusing on the baby, remind him of how well he has done and enjoy that intimate moment together.

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