The nose and eyes. Funny fable by Rafael Pombo

The nose and eyes. Funny fable by Rafael Pombo

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The nose and the eyes is a short fable by Rafael Pombo. This little story, told in verse, tells in a very funny way what happens when someone behaves very selfishly. A fable that teaches children to look out for others, because sometimes our well-being depends on ours. Generosity is a very important value to learn from childhood.

Fables are a great resource to educate children in values. With this poetic fable, children will learn not to be selfish.

He got his nose grumpy
And he said to both eyes:
"You already have me hunched
Loading the glasses. "

"For me they have not been made.
He who looks for them "
And saying and doing shakes,
And he throws them into the street.

Its owner keeps walking, and since he is myopic,
He stumbles and falls
And the nose flattens ... And the top
Subtracts from the eyes.

Serving Others Frequently
You serve yourself;
And the reckless one always costs dearly
Wild selfishness.

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