What changes in a woman's body during pregnancy

What changes in a woman's body during pregnancy

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One of the concerns that women have when they discover that they are pregnant, are the changes your body will experience even after your baby is born.

She knows that she will feel nauseous, that she will likely have stretch marks, bloating, and gain weight. After all, another little person will be growing in your belly. Pregnancy is a transformation. For this reason, to a greater or lesser extent, the body is also altered.

Although all this seems inevitable, there are formulas to deal with everything. Let's start with the weight. The weight of a pregnant woman can increase about 400 grams. per week, which will make your weight gain about 12 kilos at the end of your pregnancy, approximately. How much to that, little can be done. The mother needs to eat well and properly to ensure good health for her baby. The only thing that can be done is to maintain a balanced diet guided by your doctor, and to do physical exercises under medical recommendation.

Nausea, often followed by vomiting and a headache, symptoms typical of the first three months, are very common. To alleviate them, doctors recommend eating small amounts, and more frequently during the day. Eliminate the consumption of caffeine, soft drinks, alcohol, and sweets; and eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and drink plenty of fluids. This will help decrease acidity. Only in more severe cases, some medication is advised.

Hormonal changes can also cause varicose veins, swelling, and leg cramps in pregnant women. For this, it is best to avoid the use of heels, not carry excess weight, reduce salt, do physical exercises, such as hydromassage, yoga, or walk as much as possible. They say that Shiatsu is also good. The skin also suffers some alteration. Its color increases, it may present some cracks, as well as some spots, so it is advisable to use creams with sunscreen to avoid them. It is also advisable to hydrate the skin well to avoid the occurrence of stretch marks.

As the pregnancy progresses, and with increased belly, the woman must take better care of her back. Maintaining balance, preventing the trunk from falling back, is one of the most successful measures. For the rest, everything is to enjoy. Think of it as a transitory stage, a change that will bring much more important changes to your life.

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