What to do to avoid conflicts and fights between siblings

What to do to avoid conflicts and fights between siblings

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One of the most upsetting moments for parents is when the children begin to argue and fight among themselves, be it because of jealousy, disputes or envy. That is why it seems important to me that we teach them, from an early age, to control their impulses and emotions, as well as to know how to live in peace and harmony with others. With siblings, children learn many things, but above all to share, to win and lose, and to give and receive.

The attitude of parents in the face of fights and jealousy of our children should be conciliation and moderation. After all, we parents are the rulers of our house. When you have a child and another is born, many parents experience a certain imbalance at home. The firstborn no longer reigns alone. Henceforth, will have to learn to divide the attentions of their parents, his grandparents and the whole family, with his new little brother. This is a difficult situation for parents to handle because on the one hand they have a newborn baby that needs care almost 24 hours a day, and on the other there is a child that, of course, continues to require the attention and care they have had. so far with him, and that he does not understand why he has lost some privileges to an "intruder".

This one-sided jealousy, especially from the oldest son to the youngest son, may just be the beginning. Then when they grow a little bit more the comparisons begin, and consequently the envy, selfishness and rivalries. What they do is fight for love, attention and leadership in front of their parents. What they want is exclusive attention, stand out and impose their will on that of the other, and "reign." In this attempt, there is something positive: each child tries to be a better person in front of their parents, seeking to do everything in a better way, all with the intention of showing parents that they are better than the other.

Jealousy is inevitable between siblings, although it is up to the parents to control and mediate them, and to intercede in cases of greater conflict, to prevent this situation from spreading. It is also a great opportunity for parents to sow values ​​such as respect, tolerance and patience.

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