Vitamin D in pregnancy prevents diseases in babies

Vitamin D in pregnancy prevents diseases in babies

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As we had already told you in supplementation in pregnancy takes into account vitamin D for its benefits to the bone structure of the baby, because it prevents diseases such as multiple sclerosis, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. Well, dear pregnant mother, I tell you that a new study carried out by researchers from the Institute of Stem Cells of Harvard University (USA) has shown that good levels of this vitamin in our pregnancy can prevent diseases in the blood such as anemia and thrombocytopenia.

Vitamin D regulates the levels of phosphorus and calcium and now they surprise us with the results of this research telling us that the levels of vitamin D are related to the amount of blood stem cells during pregnancy, that is, the more vitamin D, the more cells mother were found in the umbilical cord.

So every time the scientific findings make us mothers more aware of taking care of the diet and habits in our pregnancy, not only in the food we consume but also in the complementation or supplementation that we should be given.

The difficult thing is that this vitamin is present in very few foods that a pregnant woman can consume, for example in fortified milk, egg yolk, cheeses and orange juice.

If you are pregnant there are two things you can do to get more vitamin D:

1. One is to walk in the sun using protection for your face such as a hat or cap and of course sunscreen, for all the areas that you expose to the sun, in order to avoid the annoying spots so common in pregnancy and that sadly they become a reminder for life that we were moms.

2. The second thing is that you should ask your doctor to send you a supplement with the minimum dose allowed for pregnant women of vitamin D.

The good news is that after these investigations, the adequate supplementation in pregnancy is being refined more and more, traditional medicine and natural medicine are increasingly at the level of the needs of ourselves and the baby.

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