The risk of blind a baby by using the flash in a photograph

The risk of blind a baby by using the flash in a photograph

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How many times have you been tempted to take a photograph of a newborn? And without natural light ... you are even more tempted to use flash Careful! We knew that it is not very convenient. Now we also know the scope that it can have. Even for slightly older babies ...

This little 3-month-old have lost central vision in the left eye. Actually she was born without vision problems. During the first days she was visited by many people ... They all wanted to meet the little girl!

The baby grew up without problems. Time passed, and one day he received a visit from some friends of his parents. He was already 3 months old. Who can resist that little round face of a 3 month old baby? Someone decided take out the mobile phone to take a flash photo... A snapshot that changed his life forever. The little girl began to feel very annoyed, and could barely open one of her eyes.

His parents did not know what was happening. They took him to the doctor and confirmed the worst of his suspicions: the flash had caused the little girl's retina irreparable damage. The reason? The macula of the eye was still developing, making it even more sensitive to bright, intense lights. The power of the cell phone's flash and the short distance at which the photograph was taken caused the loss of sight in the left eye.

Many experts say that this story is impossible to believe ... that maybe the little girl already had some other problem with her eyes. But they still insist that we must be cautious and not use flashes of light with newborns.

1. Do not use the flash at close range. The photographs, better in natural light. If not, don't do it. Baby's eyes are very sensitive.

2. Cell phones can be used, but without flash. In fact, the power of the flash is much higher in the latest generation phones. They can be very dangerous for your child's eyes.

3. If the baby is uncomfortable and crying, you better stop. Don't insist ... you'll only get a sad picture of the angry baby.

4. Use your imagination. So as not to disturb him, you can take advantage when he is asleep, and use decorative elements to create snapshots full of magic.

5. If you want him to smile, use elements that attract his attention. A rattle, a brightly colored doll ... he will feel more comfortable and the picture will be better.

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