Christmas Fairy Makeup. Christmas costume for girls

Christmas Fairy Makeup. Christmas costume for girls

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If your daughter likes fairies and living the magic of Christmas, in We suggest you unite both and disguise the girl with this Christmas fairy makeup.

It is a very simple fantasy makeup to do and it is also very attractive. Learn how to make it step by step with this Christmas makeup tutorial. Always remember to use special hypoallergenic makeup for face painting.

  • Makeup sponge
  • White and gold water paint
  • Purpurin

1. With the makeup sponge impregnated with yellow paint, make a mask for the girl.

2. Paint snowflakes on the forehead and cheeks with a brush and white paint.

3. Now make a wavy line at the ends of both eyes and line them with white.

4. Apply some glitter to the snowflakes and ... voila!

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