A poem to understand the child who wets the bed

A poem to understand the child who wets the bed

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When you think that everything is seen, you are suddenly faced with some ideas that leave you surprised. Communication has no limits, wherever you go. An example of this is what I found on the Internet about enuresis: A poem about a disorder that many children experience and that leads them to urinate on the bed while they sleep. A disorder that makes these children unable to control urine or urination.

The boy who wets the bedis dedicated to all those desperate parents who spend nights of vigilance when facing sadness and the ghost of a wet bed, making their children despair and continuously spend moments of anguish, but especially those innocent children who suffer night after night the unpleasant smell of pee and the pain of not being able to sleep in a dry, comfortable bed.

The boy who wets the bed

Enuresis is friend

A common condition

Characterized by

Lack of control in urination

Or after 5 years

Wetting the mattress

Or a good creole refers

To piss out of the bowl

It is mixed, nocturnal or diurnal

It predominates in the male

Is it primary or secondary

Permanent or used

Organic or functional

Or familiar condition

Sometimes it turns out

Of a certain malformation

Associated diabetes

Bladder dysfunction

For neurological problems

Lack of ripening

Developmental delay

Detrusor muscle

Or an obstructive component

That prevents urination well

Of all the enuresis

The common is functional

Many psychiatrists claim

That she is manifestation

Of aggressive behavior

Antisocial in nature

Or is it more than everything

Of a conflictual program

Or a little brother was born

Or there is family tragedy

Or is there a mental retardation

And other causal factors

They can be added

The mistakes of inheritance

Maternal poverty

And everything that disturbs

In that purchasing age

It is that cruel age.

Bedwetting is it, folks

A global problem

That requires a good diagnosis


That includes a good study

Family context

Discounting anomalies

Group psychotherapy

Inform and not scare

Why time

And the tips and a

Good orientation

They favor the forecast

Improve evolution.

Poems, as well as stories, legends or fables, are useful tools to make children understand, as well as their parents, some disorders or health problems such as infantile enuresis. On our site we have selected some stories that can help children with enuresis to understand and remedy the problem they suffer.

The little house of the pee. What to do to get the child to stop wetting the bed at night? Among other things, it is necessary to dress with great patience and persistence to help the child who suffers from this problem. The little house of the pee is a beautiful story with which the children will understand why they should not pee on it.

The Knights. Children's stories become a good tool for children to understand, from another angle, some health problems such as enuresis. The Knights is an ideal children's story to arouse children's interest in why they urinate on themselves.

The astronaut. It is easier for a child to solve the problem of enuresis and urinary incontinence, when he has the support and understanding of the parents. We offer you a series of stories that can help children to avoid wetting the bed and to control their urine.

The emperor's wet pajamas. Children's stories are a good tool that we can use to help children understand many things, such as bedwetting. With humor, drawings and different adventures, children can understand what is happening to them and how they have to act.

The anti-pee beans. I tell the children to stop peeing themselves. Anti-pee beans for children. our site proves that with effort and persistence it is possible to get the child to stop wetting the bed at night. Through stories, children can solve problems.

The bunny and the hunter. With the support and understanding of parents, it is easier for a child to kick the habit of wetting the bed every night and thus be able to play with their friends without fear or misgivings. Through children's stories, children can learn values ​​as well as behaviors to control urine.

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