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Olbas Oil

Olbas Oil

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Olbas Oil is recommended as an aid that relieves children during a runny nose. On the packaging, the manufacturer indicates that it can be used in the form of inhalations, rubbing the body or liquefying bedding or pajamas. Theoretically, it is recommended for children over 3 years old. However, we did not hesitate to use it during the infection of our two-year-old. And we are very pleased! Every evening, the daughter demanded the use of "droplets", proudly stating that she breathes better on them.

Basic pros:

  • the oil smells very nice (even with the biggest katar you can smell it),
  • is very efficient (literally two drops are enough),
  • it can be purchased in a convenient bottle,
  • in our case: he proved himself: he made breathing easier, he unhooked his nose,
  • it can be used in many ways (for a ceramic fireplace, for a handkerchief, for traditional inhalation, etc. ATTENTION - not for drinking!),
  • does not stain, leaves no trace on bedding or clothing,
  • good for adults and children,
  • easy to use.