Two magic tricks to teach children at Christmas

Two magic tricks to teach children at Christmas

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Magic brings fantastic benefits to children: it improves their fine motor skills, their memory, concentration ... Magic generates illusion in children, and Christmas is a fabulous time to enhance this illusion. That's why our site has selected two great tricks to teach kids this Christmas. It teaches us to do them Iván Santacruz, 'A magician dad'.

Here is the explanation of two fabulous magic tricks. They are very simple and with a little practice, your children will surely succeed.

1. The flying card: The trick is to make the public believe that we are capable of making a letter fly.

How to do it? The trick is on the back of the letter. While you hold the letter behind with your thumbs, the audience will only perceive what is in front of them: a letter held in principle by all the fingers, which mysteriously detach from the letter. They don't know that behind the four main fingers, you hold the card with your thumbs on its sides. Cheer up! It's a matter of practice!

2. Letter with static electricity: You will be able to guess the card that someone in the audience chose at random. But the one in charge of detecting the letter will be static electricity. That's why it goes up alone!

How to do it? You tell the chosen person to choose a card. He should show it to the public but not to you. You ask him to put it in the deck. To do this, you cut the deck in half. Now you must make quick movements with the deck without ever losing the reference of the card. You must manage so that the letter is on top. Then, with the left hand with the little finger and the index finger stretched out, you are pushing it from behind upwards, in such a way that it seems that the card moves by itself. Surprise!

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