Laugh with the tricks of your children

Laugh with the tricks of your children

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What tricks do your children do? The other day my four-year-old niece came to the restaurant where we were eating with her hair so sticky it looked like she had stuck her head in an oil can. Of course, she did not stop turning her head to move her beautiful curly hair and changed the hairpins over and over again to draw attention to her new look.

Without a doubt, she thought she was beautiful, while her mother, who kept looking at her, regretted that she had not had time to wash her head again.

'I had just finished drying her hair, when I go back to the bathroom and I find the girl with half a bottle of hair spray on her head. Of course, she sees me that I wear a little and she has not measured! ", She commented. My niece, who was happy and only needed a mirror (magic mirror) on the dining room table to ask her who was the most beautiful from the restaurant, she would say to me flirtatiously: "look aunt, like mom, I'm pretty! '

Many parents and grandparents they could write a book with our children's mischief, nephews and grandchildren. At Christmas family gatherings, children's antics make us have a good time and are always fun when, after the scare, we usually remember them to laugh at ourselves and our spontaneous reactions of the moment. And is that a good way to summarize the year we have lived is collect the tricks of our children.

Like restless and curious beings, they roam the house in search of new emotions, opening cabinets and drawers to invent new ways to play and entertain themselves. So when you can't hear anything in the house, you'd better start shaking, something is cooking. Luckily children have a guardian angel who watches over them at all hoursIf not, not even 100 human eyes pending on them at all times could save them on so many occasions.

If childhood is characterized by something, it is by unconsciousness, which governs many of the actions of young children until they learn to be prudent. But, if I like something about this stage, it is the way they mentally organize life events. Thus, we burst out laughing with their phrases for posterity and with their way of associating ideas, sometimes intelligent and sometimes clumsy, that amuse us and delight their parents.

One of them surprised me recently when my young son lost a tooth. Going to pick it up with a pile of change in hand, I found a note under the pillow, which surprised me. I turned on the light in the hall to read it and I was delighted that, being asleep, my son could not see the face I made because it said: "Dear Pérez: I only want 500, 100 or 200 bills."

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