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If I could start again ... COMPETITION - results

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"If I could raise a child again ...

... I would paint with my finger more often than it pointed.
I would improve less, hug more.
Instead of looking at time, I would give myself time to look.
I would care less about knowing everything; I'd rather know how to care better.
I would climb trees and fly kites more often.
I would stop playing seriousness and play more seriously.
I would run more meadows with him and more often look at the stars.
I would jerk less and hug more often.
I would be less adamant and more often supportive.
First, I would build self-esteem, then home.
I would teach him less about love for strength and more about the power of love. "
Diane Loomans

Dear parents, we have for you first birthday contest. Ready to party :)

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