Do you let your child play with war toys?

Do you let your child play with war toys?

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Pistols, swords, slingshots ... they have been toys that children have used for years, but are they recommended for them? Is it possible that this generates violent children? These are issues that concern many parents and that have generated great controversy. We leave you some of the arguments used by some and others about war toys. Will your children play with them?

1- Defenders of war toys: They base their allegations on a study carried out by child psychologist Michael Thompson in which it was observed that the majority of adults who played with guns as children did not commit violent crimes when they grew up; therefore, there is no real evidence that this causes violent behavior in the child. In addition, they defend that children can channel their fears and desires through these toys, venting their impulses with them. They also state that violence is everywhere like parks or schools and they prefer that their children know how to defend themselves, that is: hit before receiving.

3.- Against war toys: Some see it as a disproportionate measure, since they testify how their children have played with bananas or their fingers forming pistols being unable to control that aggressive instinct in them. In response, it is true that the child only externalizes his internal impulses through these toys, but this may be due to the fact that the child is frequently exposed to violence in his family or with his friends, so it is essential to educate the child from 2 years to learn to distinguish good and evil.

I believe that allowing children to play with guns makes We convey to our children that violence seems normal to us and that we do not reject it. We teach them through play a quick, easy, and even fun way to resolve the conflicts that arise in their imagination. Thus, little by little, children are desensitized by violence, especially between 4 and 7 years of age, at which time children internalize their social roles.

It is impossible that if our son likes these types of toys he will not end up with one of them in his hands, and if he does not he will make it with whatever he finds, but the truth is that we we will be making him understand that it is not what we want for him because we do not agree with violence, and at least we will not be facilitating it.

Keep in mind that games of violence they do not channel aggressiveness, but maintain it and increase it over time; it is much more recommended that your child channel these instincts through more creative activities such as sports, drawing or music. Although, as in everything, the last word is always the parents.

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