False myths of childhood otitis

False myths of childhood otitis

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Otitis is one of the most frequent infections in pediatric age. Although there are several types (acute / chronic, effusion / no effusion, external / medium, suppurative / non suppurative), we frequently observe that parents have various misconceptions about their management. We comment on five false myths related to otitis.

1- My son has a suppurative otitis, so for a week he has to wear the ear covered by cotton. Fake. It is true that, when we bathe a child with otitis, we must protect their hearing to prevent the entry of water. But in the rest of the cases, it is advisable not to cover the opening of the external auditory canal, to favor the exit of all the germs that are causing the otitis. And we must periodically clean the outside of the ear with the tip of a slightly moistened towel. Let's avoid cotton buds.

2- All otitis are treated with antibiotics. This is false. Above two years of age, as long as there is no fever, malaise, or suppuration, otitis is treated with painkillers, not antibiotics.

3- My son has woken up crying at night saying that his ear hurts. I have to take him to the ER without giving him a pain reliever so as not to mask the diagnosis. Fake. Whenever something hurts your child, it is best to give him a pain reliever. Many times with this simple fact, your situation improves. Remember that if you have a headache, for example, you take a pill to make it go away without going to the doctor.

4- The pediatrician saw my son yesterday and diagnosed him with a cold; Today he started with an earache, I took him to the hospital and they diagnosed him with otitis. Concussion: yesterday I already had otitis and my pediatrician couldn't see it. Fake. Otitis is an evolutionary process that appears in relation to respiratory tract infections. Colds are not usually complicated; other times, yes. One of the possible complications is otitis, but they do not always occur, far from it. That is: do not blame your pediatrician for not being able to see otitis before it appears.

5- Since my son is prone to otitis, I always wear him with earmuffs. Fake. Earmuffs protect from the cold, but they do not prevent the appearance of otitis. It is true, yes, that local heat relieves earaches. That is: in a child who suffers from otitis, we recommend that dry local heat be applied (heating a cloth, placing earmuffs, etc.). But the latter do not fulfill a preventive task.

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