Most popular games for children in different countries

Most popular games for children in different countries

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In we have compiled traditional games from 5 different countries, among which are Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Spain. Teach your children these fun hobbies so they can learn about the games their parents and grandparents played during childhood.

The games arethe main hobby of children during their free time. During school holidays, children can spend a large part of the day playing, an exercise that helps them develop and acquire certain social skills that will help them to relate in the future.

From skipping rope to the typical 'Blind Chicken'. Discover where do popular games originate from with which you enjoyed as a child and play again now with your children.

Popular games in Spain. The most popular children's games in Spain. Activities for the entertainment of children in their free time and leisure. Traditional Spanish games to amuse and entertain children. Meet and enjoy the most traditional children's games among the Spanish.

Popular games in Mexico. The most popular children's games in Mexico. The most traditional activities for Mexican children. Children's entertainment in Mexico. Classic and lifelong games that are part of Mexican childhood. Games that are a tradition among Mexican children.

Popular games in Argentina. The most popular children's games in Argentina. Hobbies for the entertainment of Argentine children. Traditional Argentine games. Children's leisure.

Popular games in Chile. The most popular children's games in Chile. Traditional hobbies for children. Chilean folklore children's activities. Children's entertainment in South America.

Popular games in Brazil. Children's games in Brazil. Find out what Brazilian children play most frequently. Most popular Brazilian games among children. Cabra-cega, peteca, amarelinha ... some two more traditional games from Brazil.

Popular games in Peru. The most popular games in Peru to play with children. Traditional pastimes of Peru. Peruvian folklore. Children's entertainment games. The five classic and traditional games of Peru, so that all children also learn and enjoy them.

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