Cystitis: a very common disorder in girls

Cystitis: a very common disorder in girls

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Cystitis is a very common urinary infection especially in girls. It is easily detected and has a very simple treatment, but you have to be careful because if we do not diagnose it in time it can damage the kidney.

It's not strange almost 5% of school-age girls will suffer from it, and in a proportion 10 times higher than children.

Its symptoms are clear: pain or stinging when you pee, a continuous feeling of urge to urinate, and sometimes a few drops of blood. In babies it is more difficult to detect it so it is convenient to see if the baby cries more than usual, the diapers are barely wet or are stained pink, or has a lack of appetite or vomiting. Any of these symptoms tell us that we should see a doctor as soon as possible, cystitis is not dangerous as long as it is treated in time.

The reason cystitis is more common in girls is because most of the time the infection is caused by bacteria found in the stoolIn the case of girls, the infection zone is located very close to the urethra and incorrect cleaning in the stage when they learn to go to the bathroom alone causes bacteria to easily penetrate. In addition, in girls the urethra is shorter than in boys, so the infection is faster.

There are also other factors that can influence, since these bacteria multiply in humid and warm environments; for example stay with wet clothes on, sitting in cold places, or touching the genital areas excessively with dirty hands. In addition, taking other medications, washing excessively with abrasive soaps that reduce vaginal flora, or drinking little liquid, which reduces the frequency of peeing and concentrates toxins in the urine, can lead to cystitis.

The treatment is antibiotics. The most usual thing is that the doctor performs a urine culture before and antibiotics are given for 10 days. It is important to cure it well, otherwise the episodes will recur. In addition, there may be a complication if there is a reflux of urine from the bladder to the ureters, raising the infection to the kidney and turning into pyelonephritis, which in the long run causes kidney problems.

1- Give the child plenty of fluids: Water, natural juices, broths, infusions, and diuretic vegetables and fruits promote the urge to pee and thus the expulsion of germs.

2- Don't give them fatty foods: They are difficult to debug.

3- Teach girls to clean themselves properly: It is essential, from babies, to clean from the vagina to the anal area, and not the other way around, so that germs cannot penetrate the urethra.

5- Dry underwear and clean.

6- Change diapers often.

With proper hygiene, the percentage of suffering from cystitis decreases considerably.

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