Why do we carry the baby with the left arm

Why do we carry the baby with the left arm

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When you rock your baby in your arms, when you leave him in the crib or when you go around the house doing things while carrying your baby ... with which arm do you carry him?

Studies say between 70 and 85% of women carry our children on the left loop of the body. For what is this? On our site we explain it to you.

We carry the baby instinctively, without thinking if we take it with the right or left arm. Nevertheless, we usually do it with the same side, the left, and although it seems a banal question, it is not, the explanation will surprise you.

You may think that holding the baby with the left side because that way you have your right hand available to do other activities without having to leave the baby in the crib or in the seat. A very common action of all multitasking mothers. However, left-handed moms, according to studies, fall within this 70% of mothers who carry the baby with their left. So what is it due to?

The reason is found in the brain and its hemispheres. Each hemisphere deals with the opposite side of the body, that is, the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere, the right.

According to studies we tend to carry our left arm because the right hemisphere is in charge of spatial orientation, it is responsible for our perception of the world in terms of color, shape and place. Because it helps us to make logical reasoning, to solve problems or to make deductions. And it even takes care of concentration. And above all, helps us to establish and develop emotional bonds with other people (in this case our baby) and it provides us with skills for social situations.

There is, who also contributes, another more idyllic and romantic reason. They say that we carry babies on the left side because it is close to the heart, it is an instinctive way to calm the baby, since listening to the heartbeat relaxes and calms down.

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