Give the baby the name of the father or mother

Give the baby the name of the father or mother

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Could you name your baby father or mother? Every time I throw this question to friends and family, it sparks a discussion. In any case, the majority are those who sing a big 'no'.

Many begin to turn their heads from one side to the other and talk about the disadvantages of choosing the same name for a child as one of their parents. Others, the least, talk about the beauty of perpetuating a name from generation to generation.

When I was little, we already had this problem because my father decided to give my brother his name: Luis. In such a way, that my brother wore the sanbenito (and he still wears it today, although he is already the father of the family) that we called him Luisito. Also, every time someone called home and asked for Luis, we had to ask: the father or the son?

Many people say that this is a great inconvenience, as the child loses personality. He becomes Luis the son or Luis the grandson and does not have his own space to develop independently.

That experience made me think that I would never choose my name or that of my husband for my children. It was very clear to him. However, five years ago I became pregnant with my first child. I liked several girl names and had almost decided when ... the ultrasound confirmed us that it would be a boy. He had no name for a boy! I looked at lists, read books, listened to parents in the park calling their children for inspiration. And in the end, the answer came out of nowhere.

I decided to call my son Jorge ... after his father. I had been reneging on it for years, and in the end I fell into tradition. Why? I am not very clear about it, but during my pregnancy, it was the only name that I liked. Pregnancy produces strange sensations in women, and mine was to throw away all the criticisms that I had made of the tradition of passing names from parents to children. My husband reminded me of all my beliefs when I told him that we should name our son after him. But you know, better not be contrary to a pregnant woman.

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