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What about mosquito bites?

What about mosquito bites?

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Summer is inherently associated with mosquitoes. Bloodsuckers attack and do not know mercy, especially when they grow in strength and there are really many of them. Then the known gel letter F does not always help. Sometimes other methods are needed. Although there is no guarantee that they will help, it is worth testing them.

Soda wraps after mosquito bite

Soda is a reliable ingredient in many situations. Few people know that it can bring relief from mosquito bites.

In half a glass of water dissolve half a teaspoon of soda. Soak the swab in the resulting mixture and apply it to the bite spots every few minutes. When the bite marks are really big, it is worth lying down for several minutes several times a day.

Wraps with lemon or parsley

It is also worth putting a lemon slice on the places after the mosquito bite, which will reduce the bubble and soothe itching. With home remedies, you can check the covering of places after a bite with parsley or rubbing the lesions on the skin with the inner side of the banana peel. Raw potato wraps and eucalyptus oil can also be helpful. Some also use compresses with water and vinegar. From home, though quite surprising ways, it's worth trying men's aftershave gel for spots after mosquito bites.

Hydrocortisonum orally and topically

If after a mosquito bite there was a significant reaction on the skin, you can try Hydrocortisonum (or substitutes, e.g. Hydrocort), which has anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects. Effectively accelerates skin regeneration.

Lime and vitamin C.

For mosquito bites, doctors also recommend lime and vitamin C.