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Myths are not real. Teaching reality is more complicated. LETTER

Myths are not real. Teaching reality is more complicated. LETTER

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"Please publish my letter, but I would like to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, envy and shoes are commonplace in my environment. Just like the conviction that I know better, and if you think differently than me, you are a mortal enemy. I have experienced this many times. I'm teacher.

Maybe I will start with the fact that I support our strike with all my heart, because we simply need pay increases for a dignified life. Like so many parents and some teachers, I do not agree with the shallowing of our protest only on financial matters, because it is not only about money. Thorough changes are needed to restore education to the right direction. What is happening now is tiring not only for us teachers, but especially students and their parents. Overloading programs, constant momentum and stress, absurd requirements. You need to look at education with a sober eye. Clean up.

There are many problems. From such "trivial" as lack of money for teaching aids, the need to cover the costs of training and books, to the need to "beg" for everything from parents and ending with personality problems.

Unfortunately, we also need changes in our environment. Recently, I read about how teachers are involved, how rarely they sleep and how they work after hours. And unfortunately I'm starting to laugh. It's hysterical laughter. Yes, it is true that there are many idealists, very committed people, but unfortunately there are too many weak teachers with whom little can be done. And everyone earns the same. Where's justice here? This is a very burning reality ...

I remember my beginnings at school very well. My story is not alone. Similar ones happened and they happen ... I was full of hope and ideals. I entered school with the mission of changing the world - I know how it sounds now - naively. I started in full swing. Interesting lessons, conversations during breaks with kids who were eager to do something more, going out, trips, performances, preparing additional materials together. A flash in the eye of children, praise from parents. Unfortunately, it did not last long .... I was invited (this delicate word) to the teacher's room, where I was "gently" explained that I had to "calm down" because my parents complain about other teachers who don't act like me. Because I stood out too much and raised the bar too much ... I showed that I could, and others said there was no way.

Queues for me began, children and parents wanted me to take up education. Unfortunately, it wasn't due because I was too young ... I had too little support. He is so dull young and naive.

There are many toxic people in the teaching environment, as evidenced by the statements of hundreds of teachers that can now be read online. It's sad, because people on the level rarely speak, they can't be provoked into word fights. The result is that there is a misleading message that all teachers have inflated ego, they consider themselves infallible and joyfully instruct parents of children ...

Besides, our professional group is no exception. With the difference that it is very difficult to fire a weak but experienced teacher. In private schools it looks different. The differences between public and private institutions are becoming more and more visible, to the detriment of the former.

That is why I am in favor of increases, but also system changes. So that teachers would be passionate people, ready for development, so that they could earn with dignity. On the other hand, changes are necessary to cleanse our environment of people who are not really fit, but stay with us just because they are more comfortable ...

As for the government ... Yes, it's best to buy a cow, a pig and what else. A sad reality. Agnes"