What has your child recently discovered? Write, show and win a book!

What has your child recently discovered? Write, show and win a book!

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Children are little explorers. Every day they get to know the world and admire its beauty. They are distinguished by their natural curiosity and ability to learn quickly. What has your child recently discovered? What delighted him? Maybe he said something funny or put you in the maximum state of stupor?

Share your child's last coat with us. It can be fun, surprising, groundbreaking and win a fantastic book written by a Nobel Prize winner - "How to get a Nobel Prize?".

The main heroine of the book is 10-year-old Mary, setting out on a journey in time, during which she meets well-known scientists, including Albert Einstein and Maria Skłodowska-Curie. She is accompanied by Barry Marshall, the protagonist and author of the book, also a Nobel Prize winner. During the journey, Mary learns what the strength of known explorers lies in, how groundbreaking research took place, and what advice the girl has for those who devoted their lives to science.

This book is proof that science can be really popularized in a fantastic, accessible form. Great reading!

Do you want to read the book with your child? Win one of them!

Do you want to win the book "How to get the Nobel Prize"?

  • send a message to the address [email protected] in the title "How to get the Nobel Prize?"
  • in the message, answer the question, what your child recently discovered. If you want, you can send a photo that will replace a million words :)
  • sign your name and surname
  • maybe you'll get one of three copies of Barry Marshall's How To Win Nobel Prize books.

The competition runs from March 16-30.

We invite you to have fun! Good luck!

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