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What do our children really dream about?

What do our children really dream about?

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Immediately, after Halloween, the favorite time for children will come - the time to wait for Santa and gifts. After all, every child dreams of a new toy that they saw in a TV commercial, or of a kitty, dog, horse. But if we ask the children ourselves - what they really dream about, then the answers are much more complicated. Not everything can be bought and some of our childhood dreams can be fulfilled today.

Today is everything

Shelves in stores are bending from more and more fancy and more attractive than themselves - toys and gadgets for children. There is really a lot to choose from. Only the more, the more difficult the choice, the more and much too much we buy toys.

Which boy would not like new Lego bricks from his favorite series? Which girl doesn't dream of a princess kit, Elsa costume or a magical unicorn?

And if you ask children about their dreams - it doesn't end with a new toy, children want something more. Question - what?

Let's listen to the children

I asked my 5-year-old son - what does he dream about? He replied that about winning a football match, as an adult footballer, about new Hot Wheels cars and about trips with parents, especially to Barcelona for the match.

I also listened to the statements of other children and most of them say that they are dreaming:

  • about being special in the future - like an astronaut, athlete, policeman, princess, etc.,
  • about a trip to the zoo,
  • about a bicycle or skates,
  • about a toy with a favorite hero from a fairy tale,
  • about a boy or a kitty,
  • about candy rain,
  • about flying a plane,
  • about being an adult
  • about meeting grandma or aunt,
  • about winning the lottery to have enough money so that parents would not have to work and spend more time with them ...

As you can see, children have different dreams, depending on what they have and what they don't have, or what they currently lack. And it's not always a new, expensive toy.

Not everything can be bought

There are children who have almost all possible news - from games, from toys, from Lego, and they dream of something ordinary, mundane and priceless. About a walk with parents, about going with the family to the zoo or to the cinema. Or visiting grandma or your favorite aunt. Such dreams testify to the unmet needs in being noticed by adults, those especially important for the child.

Not with all the presents we have to wait until the first star on December evening. There are many opportunities to give your child some self, not on holidays, but every day. Although in a short game, or attentive listening and with a quiet conversation, in the evening before bedtime. Let's listen, notice and respond to the needs of our children. Without it, and with a new toy, they will not be happy and will grow into unfulfilled adults. Why dream if nobody listens to it?

Each of us has similar dreams

Every child and every adult wants the same - being loved and needed as well as support and safety. This is not a reason to dream, although in the case of children neglected by their relationships with parents, next to toys, in the first place is a warm and loving home.

Dreams are something unattainable at the moment, something we want very much and we can't have yet. And it's good, as is the case with children, only a toy, not the attention of parents.

Let's also remember, as adults, that the joy of a toy for a child lasts only a few moments, no matter how expensive it was. We do not expect to buy anything and in return we will have peace of mind for the next few days. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. Toys, even the most dreamed and expected ones, give short-term happiness.

Not all dreams have to be fulfilled

The child wants and we fulfill his dream, often a whim. This is not always good. Especially if the dream toy costs a lot. Let's teach children that you can't have everything and it's not doing them anger. Let them understand the value of money, and if they are still small enough, let's choose something equally nice but cheaper from the store.

Children often dream of real animals. Let's think about these decisions together with the whole family. They want a dog or a cat, but parents will be mainly involved in taking care of the animal, going out for a walk with it, and with considerable expenses related to food, veterinarian etc. It is a serious decision. The argument that a child dreams or wants is not a sufficient reason to buy a live 'toy'. In this case, the dream can wait for the child to be independent enough to take care of the pet himself.