Can the kindergarten require a certificate that the child is healthy?

Can the kindergarten require a certificate that the child is healthy?

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Each year in kindergarten or nursery brings the same thing. It opens the season of infection and shows it with it different approaches of parents of children to diseases. For some, a cold is not a disease, a runny nose or a cough does not exclude the possibility of participating in classes, for others even a slight deterioration of well-being should motivate the parent to keep the child at home. Some institutions try to settle disputes between parents, requiring after the child's absence a doctor's certificate that the child is healthy and can attend kindergarten or nursery. However, is that a good idea?

Why a certificate of no disease?

A child staying in a big cluster is more susceptible to disease. Seasonal infections are spreading very quickly. For one child, this will mean a runny nose for a week, but another toddler will get bronchitis very quickly. No wonder that parents do everything to protect less resistant children from diseases. They try to force the management of institutions not to accept sick children to kindergarten.

It sounds simple in theory, but in practice it is more complicated. Parents were skilled at efficient translations informing that the given symptoms are not symptoms of the disease at all, but are due to other reasons. And so the prolonged green runny nose is definitely a symptom of allergies, and the cough results from a faster walk or choking on saliva. Kindergarten teachers do not have the right tools to verify the parent's words. Although they often doubt their truthfulness, they are unable to assess them unequivocally.

Parents, rightly so, they protest against bringing statements that the child is healthy. I have to go to the outpatient clinic for the appropriate "note", which is full of sick children during the season of infection. The visit is an unnecessary additional obligation and the risk that the toddler will fall ill again. A healthy child takes time that the doctor could devote to examining children who need his help.

The teacher may not require a parent to certify the child's condition

On the child's health certificate complain to pediatricians who report that it is pointless to issue such documents. The child's condition can change so quickly that the next day, when the child goes to nursery or kindergarten, he may be sick.

It is worth knowing that the requirement of the nursery or kindergarten management to present child health certificates is not covered by law. Whether a parent shows the appropriate document depends only on his good will. If he does not want to do this, he should ask about the legal basis on which the establishment requires a certificate. This should end the discussion at the beginning, because there is no such legal basis.

The requirement to submit relevant certificates results from internal records in the status of kindergarten or nursery. The doctor to whom we will go for the certificate does not have to issue it. In addition, even if a parent obtains a certificate, they do not need to show it to preschool staff because of the information on the certificate - these are so-called sensitive data about the state of health with which the legal guardian - the parent does not have to share with anyone.