Promotions: cheaper shopping for children

Promotions: cheaper shopping for children

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Diapers can be cheaper, toys too. You can save on many products by shopping. Especially for you, we checked the offer of the most important supermarkets in Poland.

Hygienic products

  • Huggies baby wet wipes in Real at 22.95 for 6 packs.
  • Johnson's Baby wet wipes at Super Pharm for 18.90.
  • Kindia skin care wipes at Drogeria Natura at 11.99 instead of 13.29.
  • Huggies nappies at Super-Pharm now for 29.99. In contrast, at Polo-Market for 32.99.
  • Gaga diapers at Tesco 30% cheaper
  • Pampers Sleep & Play Midi diapers at Tesco for 26.99 instead of 32.99.
  • New Baby pampers diapers at Drogeria Natura at 37.99 instead of 44.99
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers at Super-Pharm at a lower price: 45.99 instead of 49.99.
  • Bambi shampoo at Drogeria Natura at 249 instead of 3.29.


  • Hipp children's dish four for the price of three in Real (one piece 4.12, we save 5.49).
  • Dessert for children Hipp in Real four for the price of three (for one piece we will pay 4.12).
  • We get Gerber soups at Super-Pharm at a price of 4.99 per 190 grams.
  • Desserts for children Gerber 125 g in Carrefour for 2.75.
  • Real Bebilon Milk will be offered for PLN 37.95.
  • We'll get Hipp milk at Super Pharm for 36.99 instead of 42 zlotys.
  • Nestle rice porridge for children in Real at a price of 6.49. On the other hand, at Super-Pharm we will receive 6.90
  • Bobovita milk-rice porridge in Carrefour for 5.99.
  • Hipp instant tea (400 grams) at Super-Pharm will be available for 14.99.
  • We will receive juice or nectar for children BoboFrut in Real for 2.99.


  • In Real Madrid on November 23-25, 2012, we'll receive 30% on toys when purchased for at least PLN 100.
  • In Carrefour, many toys discounted by 40% in the form of vouchers for subsequent purchases

Promotion time
Real 22-28.11.2012
Net November 19-25, 2012
Tesco from 22-28.11.2012
Super Pharm from 15 to 28/11/2012
Carefour from 21-26.12.2012
Biedronka November 21-28, 2012
Polo Market from November 21-28, 2012
Drogeria Natura 15-28.11.2012