Multikulti in kindergarten - some are outraged, others don't see the problem. MAC manual

On the Polish profile, Emeryt-Sokrates boiled up after a post was shown showing one of the pages in the book prepared for children in kindergarten. The controversial website comes from the Olek and Ada Package B + level (for 6-year-olds), the publishing house "MAC Edukacja", Authors: Małgorzata Kwaśniewska, Joanna Lendzion, and Wiesława Żaba-Żabińska. Under the photo, the author publishing the photo was immediately accused of being "fake news". We checked at the source - in the publishing house. The presented page is in the textbook for six-year-old children. This is not a photomontage or provocation. What's the problem? What really indignated hundreds of adults? And is there something to get excited about?

What's the scream about?

Controversy and heated discussion was caused by the page below.

Source: // type = 3 & theater

Paulina, one of the Internet surfers, wrote under the above post: "for some jokes! Before I buy books, I will first read their contents carefully - I certainly won't buy them! " 202 people liked her comment.

Marcin added: "Az tempts to buy math", the administrator quickly replied in a similar tone: "How many will fit on one raft." Joanna adds: "Surprisingly, all you have to do is look at the textbooks from the former gymnasium on history, son born in 2001. All lies and brainwashing. Making young people fit. "

These are just a few of the many comments. Next to the condemning voices, there are also comments full of surprise, but not the shape of the task in the children's book, but the outrage of adults. Internet users ask - "but what's the problem?", "What's the controversial site?"

MAC response from

Dear Sir or Madam,

The work card presented in the picture presents one of many included in the block devoted to the subject of children in the package "Olek and Ada".

The fragment taken from the whole context may lead to misinterpretation.

At the link //, for example, I also place other work cards in this package. Their goal is to present children of different nationalities. We discuss the subject of disabled people, talk about children's rights, show how children play on other continents.

We are aware that there are children in our country whose parents are of a different nationality.

We do not promote any specific behavior, denominations or political accents in the text.

It is also worth remembering that in the case of pre-school education, we are talking about pre-school packages, not textbooks. Therefore, the approval procedure by the ministry does not apply.

In the annex to the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of February 14, 2017, i.e. the curriculum for pre-school education for kindergartens, pre-school departments
in primary schools and other forms of pre-school education, the Tasks of kindergarten highlighted learning about other cultures. Below are some of the most important quotes
from the mentioned document:

(...) 1. Supporting the child's multi-directional activity by organizing conditions conducive to the acquisition of experience in the physical, emotional, social and cognitive area of ​​his development. (...)

6. Strengthening the child's sense of value, individuality, originality and the need to create personal relationships and participate in a group. (...)

17. Creating educational situations conducive to building a child's interest in a non-modern language, willingness to learn about other cultures.

The above records clearly indicate that the task of the kindergarten is, among others creating opportunities for children to learn about other cultures.

In the nearly 30-year history of our company, we constantly emphasize 100% Polish capital and its family character.

Taking this opportunity, I recommend our publication for children, prepared in connection with the 100th anniversary of regaining independence: //

If you have any questions, I remain at your disposal.


Maciej Barański

Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing department

Commentary by Psychologist, Bogna Białecka:

The discussed text seems to be gentle, but still unambiguous promotion of the idea of ​​multiculturalism as a desirable and feasible social system. Therefore, it can be read as a violation of the norm: "Do not use the school textbook for the ideological indoctrination of children." The question is whether children will read the message the same way as adults and in this particular case, I think not necessarily. To receive the message as a multicultural promotion, you need a broader knowledge of the world than six-year-olds have.