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Is this birth contractions? Attention, it's time to start labor!

Is this birth contractions? Attention, it's time to start labor!

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Apparently, delivery cannot be missed. When the labor campaign begins for good, your attention is focused only on her. Childbirth cramps and pain associated with it make you think about what is about to happen. Even so, like the world is a world, many women are afraid that they will not know that it is "already". How can you recognize that these are labor contractions and not predictive contractions? And how will you know that labor has begun?

Is this birth contractions?

Delivery cramps may appear suddenly. They do not have to be preceded by prophetic contractions. You can feel like every other day of pregnancy when labor begins.

In the case of the first pregnancy, sometimes also the next ones, the first labor contractions are extremely mild. They can last up to several hours and will not hinder normal functioning. Childbirth can begin and you will walk, rest or sleep and may not even be aware that it is ALREADY going on. It is true. On the other hand, these the initial labor contractions do not yet lead to the labor action known from the movies, it takes some time before the contractions are really strong and thus effective.

Over time labor contractions are becoming more frequent, longer and more painful. Less time passes between individual contractions. Pain no longer soothes the bath or shower, it is impossible to find relief during rest, each subsequent contraction reminds of itself and forces reactions. And it is at this moment that the right time comes to go to the hospital. When you feel that the pain is already strong and the contractions are strong, do not wait!

Birth contractions are not always regular

Many women assume that labor contractions must occur at regular intervals. In practice, this is not always the case. Sometimes contractions occur every 8, every 6, then every 7 minutes, so that another occurs every 8 minutes.

So how do you know that these are real contractions that will result in childbirth?

The most important is increasing the intensity of contractions over time. In other words, the contractions are getting more and more painful, getting stronger and not dying out, but they last all the time!

The second important tip is Your subjective feeling of tiredness. Cramps are becoming more common, and you feel that you can't ignore them? Childbirth has begun!

That's enough to go to the hospital. Do not wait for contractions to occur regularly every 10, 5 or 3 minutes, because maybe this regularity will not occur. If you feel that the cramps are causing you more and more pain, they appear every few minutes and the rate of change is high, do not wait, go to the hospital.

When is better to stay home? If you have no trouble getting in the shower, you can read a book in peace or watch TV, take your time. When the contractions are strong, believe me, you will not be able to keep this far-reaching peace. You will start packing yourself. It is not worth coming to the hospital ahead of time, because the risk that labor due to stress will prolong will increase dramatically.

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