Diminutive mania - how to talk to a child and not childish?

Diminutive mania - how to talk to a child and not childish?

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I was shopping recently and left the store with insanity and a desire to murder my eyes. No, there wasn't a long queue. No, nothing went up. Yes, the ladies in the store were wonderfully nice and everything went great, until SHE stood at the neighboring counter.

A seemingly quite normal woman is standing there. Nice, dressed loosely, pretty face, purse on the shoulder, lipstick on the lips, just a normal grandmother thirty plus. And in a shopping trolley, apart from the shopping pile, a toddler, around two years old. And then it began:

"And what have you got here, Wiktolek? Well, do you like this so badly ajajajaj? Ojojo and who Wiktolka has suffered so much? Mommy, give me a hand, give me my hand, very tight patties! Peek-a-boo! Did Wiktolek travel with his mummy? And what will we tell the daddy at home? How was Wiktolek in such a big store with his mummy? Peek-a-boo! And what do we have here, check it out, here you will delete your purchases from us! And we will give you money and go blum blum to the house? And we will go am am, will Wiktolek want soup? "

My nervous tick started. My eye jumps like stupid, the cashier will immediately think that I am picking him up, because I blink as if possessed. I'm starting to look around for magnesium tablets. People trim their ears, everyone at the same time looks at the woman from under the bull and tries to pretend that he is not eavesdropping at all. One unfortunate standing behind her in the queue could not stand and took a course for vegetables - I bet that he was only pretending that he had forgotten something. Maybe such cheating is contagious, or what?

Masochist's nature spoke to me, and I also started to tick-out, browsing pregnancy and maternity internet forums at home. Poop and pee it's nothing, they have just fitted our language so long ago that they no longer offend. Anyway, they also have some justification, let's call it - quantitative, because in the end how much such a baby can ... Well, maybe and maybe, but I'm not talking about that.
Money, money, purchases it's also nothing you can get used to. But did you know that there are things like pus, ovary, kindergarten, diaper and, horror, hemorrhoids?

I do not think that children should be spoken to a professor, only one who is not yet grown up. I don't demand miracles, I don't read bedtime to philosophical dissertations or political science treatises. My children sometimes stroke cats instead of cats and eat cookies. But they know what money, hands, car are. When someone speaks to them in a normal tone and using normal words, they will know what's going on.

Meanwhile, an unfortunate toddler from a shopping cart, bombarded by his mother an idiotic amount of nightmarish diminutive, it will grow into a person who is unable to participate in a normal conversation because he has not been taught it. I do not believe that the mother will control herself as soon as the child is three or four years old and suddenly magically changes her style of speaking to him. The amount of diminutive will certainly decrease over time, but they will still be present and still unnecessary in most situations.

As a result, the child may grow into someone like my former friend, who offered me a treat in the form of bread with cheese and ham and teas with juice. She was offended when I asked without hesitation if I could instead have bread with cheese and ham, etc. It was not my intention to offend her or make her angry, but reflexes are normal. And in such a normal way such a child will be brought to the proverbial ground floor, maybe in kindergarten, maybe at school, maybe only at work, but for sure he will feel awkward and bad.

Dear parents, your child does not have to know the dictionary of foreign words by heart or recite the content of the encyclopedia at breakfast. Instead, he must feel comfortable in the peer group he will be in, and our task as parents is to make sure that with our help he acquires the skills and messages that serve this purpose.

The ability to communicate is the most important in the world. You can't sing, draw, even write, but you can you need to be able to talk. And talking means about the same as talking to each other in such a way that the other party can understand the message of the first. Theoretically, there is no problem because everyone will understand "blum blum do domciu". However, it is worth remembering that if people were to rely on any communication and did not want to develop in this respect, they would not have left the caves to this day.