Small child

Second birthday gift - what should you choose?

Choosing a gift is not an easy sentence that often spends many people's nights of sleep. We have a problem with gifts in preparation for celebrating the birthday of adults, let alone when we have to choose a present for a small child that has higher requirements! The huge selection of toys, books, blocks and children's accessories available in stores does not make decision making easier, on the contrary, it complicates it even more. Each of us would like his gift for the second birthday to both please the toddler and support his development.

What is worth buying a child for his second birthday? Below are some proven toy suggestions that will definitely bring a smile to every two-year-old's face, and by the way his parents will also like it.

Two-year-old and his preferences

A two-year-old is a child who not only understands a lot and composes his first statements, but also a toddler who already has own preferences and preferences. Although there is no rule, boys at this age are usually happy to play with blocks, take off with toy cars and put together puzzles. Girls, in turn, look after dolls, prepare meals for stuffed animals, and eagerly imitate adults when doing housework.

The gift for the child's second birthday should therefore be chosen so that the toddler not only willingly reaches for it, but also that it naturally supports the development of the small child.

Ask your parents for advice before you buy a gift!

A little easier task when choosing a gift for a child is his parents. After all, they know their child best and know what toys will make her particularly happy.

If we were invited to celebrate the second birthday of our friends' child together, it is worth asking the jubilee's parents about his favorite activities beforehand. The toddler's parents will best advise us on what toys would be appreciated by their children and tell them what to avoid. It may also turn out that we have already chosen a super toy ... but the child already has it, or its purchase was planned by his parents or grandparents. Such a conversation will not only make it easier for us to choose a gift, but will also avoid a "duplicate" gift.

A gift for the second birthday - what to consider when choosing it?

When choosing a gift for a child, we should focus primarily on good quality toys. They should be made of solid and durable materials so that they withstand intense fun and serve the recipient as long as possible. A good choice will be e.g. popular wooden toys, cloth dolls for hugging and metal cars.

A gift for a two-year-old should also be suited to the child's age. Such a gift will be adapted not only to the child's intellectual abilities and level of development, but above all safe for everyday play. A toy for two years old it should not have small parts that are easily torn off and can be swallowed by the child as a consequence.

Gifts for a two-year-old - several suggestions

Regardless of whether we are parents of a two-year-old or if we were invited to celebrate his second birthday, there are several interesting toy suggestions that will not only interest the child, but will also appeal to his parents. So what should you consider when choosing a gift for your child's second birthday? Let's see!

The first puzzle for a two-year-old

The first puzzle is a great gift idea for a two-year-old. Many toddlers love to arrange colorful pictures with their favorite characters from fairy tales and have fun at the same time. Of course, the puzzle chosen by us should be adjusted to the child's age. For a two-year-old, a simple puzzle set of several elements will be perfect, which the toddler will have to put in the right places. Puzzle is a great proposition for a birthday toy that not only amuses, but also develops children's imagination, supports its manual skills and allows you to spend time interestingly. It will be a great gift that will appeal to both boys and girls.

Blocks for building the first constructions

A good idea for a gift supporting a child's development are also blocks. We can choose from traditional blocks from which the toddler can build his first constructions, as well as more advanced branded blocks, e.g. Lego Duplo, which will also be suitable for two-year-olds. When choosing blocks for a child, let's put on good quality products that will be durable and will not be damaged after several uses. It is also worth paying attention to the quality of selected blocks. Good blocks for children should be free of sharp edges and carefully made.

Interactive toys for two years old

Purchasing an interactive toy for your child is also a good idea. Small children are happy to play with toys that speak, shine and make sounds, such a gift will certainly appeal to anyone interested in the world of two-year-olds. Among them, we can choose, e.g. a tablet, smartphone or children's computer that will teach a child the first letters, how to imitate animals and numbers. An interesting gift will also be an interactive pet, which will certainly immediately become a toddler's best friend. The interactive toy should obviously be adapted to the child's age, so for a two-year-old we should choose products marked with + 24m.

Educational books for a small child

Books are items that can not be missing in any children's room. They teach the child new words, develop his imagination and sensitivity and allow the toddler to get to know the world around him better. Reading books together is also the perfect time to spend time with your child, relax and have fun reading funny stories. Educational books are a great idea for a gift that both children and their parents will like. However, before we buy a specific item, be sure that our birthday boy does not already have it in his library.