What winter cream for the child?

Dress adapted to the outside temperature is not all we should remember about going out for a winter walk with the child. Winter is the time when there are low temperatures, it often snows and a cool wind blows. These negative factors are particularly felt by the delicate skin of the child's face, which is exposed to direct contact with the cold. To properly protect her from irritation and frostbite, so every parent should remember to apply the right cream to their child's face.

How to choose a winter cream suitable for delicate baby skin? How to read its composition and which ingredients to avoid? And finally, what creams for the winter are worth buying for good protection of the child's face?

Baby winter cream - why is it so important?

Facial skin is thin and particularly sensitive to cold. This is especially true for children's facial skin, which is even thinner and more delicate than the skin of an adult. Therefore, it requires adequate protection to protect it against irritation, redness and even frostbite. This is the task of winter cream.

It is recommended to remember to apply a layer of cream on the child's face, when the air temperature drops below zero. It is worth remembering about it every day when we go with a child for a walk, especially in the winter.

The composition of the baby winter cream - what to look for?

When going to a pharmacy or drugstore, before we put the first edge product advertised by the manufacturer into the basket as a great protective cream for children, we should carefully analyze its composition.

Contrary to appearances, it is not difficult, and the composition of the cream can tell us a lot not only about its effectiveness, but also about the safety of use. A good winter cream for a child should have like the shortest and the simplest possible composition. Its most important role is not so much to care for or embellish the baby's skin that does not yet need it, but to properly protect it from the cold.

Baby winter cream - with or without water?

The basic ingredient of most protective and caring creams for adults and children is water (aqua). Creams that have it first in the composition are characterized by a lighter consistency and are simpler to apply.

Cream with the addition of water is not suitable for the winter, when freezing temperatures outside. Its high content in the cream may contribute to the formation of frostbite and cause redness of the delicate skin of the child. So the best choice for winter will be fatter creams without water in the composition. Those based on it, if they have a good composition, we choose instead on warmer days, e.g. in spring or autumn.

Cream ingredients we should avoid

A good winter cream for a child should be completely deprived paraffins, parabens, silicones and preservatives. Preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, DMDM ​​Hydantoin, disodium EDTA, may cause allergies, irritation of the delicate skin of a child and disrupt the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands. Some preservatives used in creams may also have a carcinogenic effect, so it is worth avoiding them in the composition of creams intended for children.

We also do not buy creams that it contains propylene glycol. It is a strong solvent that dries the skin and can cause allergic reactions.

In turn, a good winter cream for the child should have mineral filters. However, beware of chemical filters present in many creams that are not suitable for infants and young children under 3 years of age.

Nursing supplements in children's winter cream

Many commercially available winter creams also contain other ingredients. These are, among others natural oils, e.g. avocado oil, karite butter, vitamins A and E and other care ingredients. Admittedly, they are not the most important in the composition of winter cream, but due to their positive effect on the skin, we can safely choose a cream that also contains them in its composition.

How to apply winter cream correctly?

We apply winter cream to the child's face immediately before each exit. When the temperature is below zero in the yard, we reach for a greasy cream without water in the composition, while when it is warmer, we can use a lighter cream with the addition of water.

Before applying the cream, wash your hands thoroughly and then rub it gently into the child's face, paying special attention to his nose, chin and cheeks. Fatter creams for the winter without water in the composition leave a palpable layer of protection under your fingers and this is perfectly correct, while light creams for warmer days are very well absorbed and it is also completely fine.

After returning from a walk, especially in the case when we applied a fat winter cream to the child's face, we should also remember to thoroughly wash it. Its consistency is because it retains dirt and impurities on its surface, which is why we should thoroughly wash the child's face after returning home.

Three suggestions for winter cream with good composition

Below is a list of three good quality baby creams for use in winter. They all have a good composition, have no added water and are free of potentially harmful substances. Here they are:

Hipp Babysanft Sensitive, A Protective Cream For Wind And Weather From Birth

Good winter cream, which you can buy both at the pharmacy and drugstore. In its composition we will find numerous emollients that will protect the baby's skin from the cold, sweet almond oil and carnauba wax, which will additionally moisturize and oil it. Vitamin E additionally nourishes and tones the baby's skin. Due to the content of fragrances, although the manufacturer recommends its use from the first days of life, it is worth applying it from the third month of life of the child.

Momme, Winter Cream For Special Tasks

Very good cream, which can be found in a pharmacy or bought online. It has numerous nutrients and oiling substances, such as sunflower oil, babassu oil, avocado, jojoba butter and natural wax. It creates a thin layer on the skin that protects against irritation and redness. It does not contain water or perfume, so it is also good for the youngest and children with sensitive skin.

Nivea Baby, A Baby Protection Cream For All Weather

A drugstore and a very popular cream that is great for winter use. It has a very short composition with no added water, is inexpensive and widely available. Due to the addition of fragrances, it is rather suitable for older children over the age of 3 months.