Old and new ways to burn babies

Old and new ways to burn babies

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Some parents don't use chafing creams for their children, and the skin on their buttocks is beautiful. Others, in turn, reach for many preparations, testing ever newer agents, and yet redness appears. Is there any effective way to sore babies? What can you do to forget about redness in the diaper area once and for all? What methods are the most effective: grandmother's ways, or maybe new ones, just learned?

Where do these burns in infants come from?

Babies and toddlers are prone to burns. This is because they have delicate skin prone to irritation.

Burns occur when excessive sweating occurs, moisture and friction between two surfaces appear. When the skin is wet for a long time, ammonia from the urine leads to chafing.

It is best to prevent chafing.

Burns in infants - do not overheat!

How to avoid getting sore? This is a very important universal advice: not to overheat your toddler. Burns occur most often in summer when it is warm and the skin is exposed to prolonged contact with a wet diaper at a higher temperature.

Sunburn in infants - often scroll

This is another advice that works in many situations. Frequent diaper rewinding avoids chafing. This is especially important during the teething period, during infection, when the toddler has a runny nose - then it is much easier to get burned.

Sunburn in babies - ventilate your bottom

After removing the diaper, you immediately put on another? Wait, let the pohasa baby without a diaper. In this way you invest in beautiful and healthy skin.

Burns in babies - washing after changing diapers

In the case of chafing, some recommend putting off wet wipes (if you use them) and replacing them with washing your ass with water and a mild baby soap or bubble bath / emollient. This is to prevent skin changes.

Burns in infants - lubrication of the skin with olive oil

Some mums recommend good quality olive oil (from the first cold crush), which allows for quick hydration and regeneration of the skin. It also has a very good composition: it contains vitamin E, D, lecithin, beta-carotene, unsaturated fatty acids.