A quick breakfast for baby and toddler

A quick breakfast for baby and toddler

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Breakfast for an infant and toddler does not have to be full of artificial preservatives, sugar and unnecessary additives. It can be filling, healthy and tasty, and at the same time ready in a few minutes or even seconds. Therefore, instead of choosing sugar-free baby porridges or cereals without reflection, which are no better in this respect, it is better to choose the following: interesting proposals ideal for small and larger tummy.

All proposals are also suitable for children with allergies - they are non-egg, non-dairy and gluten-free.

Breakfast for an infant: millet porridge - instant

Gluten-free, quick to prepare, perfect with fruit, grains, nuts and vegetables. We can also serve it with homemade juices, compotes, seasonal fruit. Tasty and really quick to prepare, and at the same time does not contain a gram of sugar.

Baby breakfast: expanded millet

The photo shows honey millet expanded. However, you can also get millet without this supplement. This proposal does not contain gluten, it can be given with milk (e.g. vegetable - rice, soy - if the child can eat it), yogurt (soy, cow, goat) or modified milk.