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5 ideas for a gift for Mother's Day

Gifts for mom they don't have to be expensive. You do not have to postpone it for weeks, giving up every pleasure. Of course, if we have such an opportunity, then certainly a trip to the SPA, an interesting trip, or expensive perfumes will be a beautiful surprise. However, only in one situation: when they will not stand alone, but they will be an addition to a warm word, a nice gesture, time and commitment.
Below we've collected five ideas for a gift for Mother's Day. Each of them may cost less than PLN 30. However, they all require time and good intentions. They can be prepared with a one-year-old child, and certainly with a preschooler.

Flowers in apot

A Mother's Day bouquet doesn't have to be traditional. You can be tempted by something different, original, which will be remembered for a long time.
An interesting option can be presenting a flower in a pot with this inscription (visible in the picture below).

Handmade flowers

You can also be tempted by making flowers yourself. A good idea is even preparation of a tissue paper bouquet. Just reach for several strips of paper, scissors and a wire.

We cut from tissue paper 20 cm square or 20 × 30 cm rectangle. The more layers of tissue paper we use, the larger the flower will be.

We cut the square to depth a few centimeters every 2 cm (in the case of a square in this way we cut the longer side). Then fold the tissue along the cuts. In the middle of the strap (harmonica) we tighten the wire. Finally, we roll away the layers of paper and form a flower.