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Last 4 weeks of pregnancy - a memory of eternity

Last 4 weeks of pregnancy - a memory of eternity

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In almost every school, the birthing leaders recommend having a bag ready for the hospital for themselves and the child already 4 weeks before the set date of delivery. They explain this by saying that from 36 weeks of pregnancy, "we don't know the day or the hour" when our baby decides to go to the bright side of the stomach.

However, every pregnant woman knows that these 4 weeks go on like an eternity. Why? Well, some of us decide to go on sick leave and take a break from work, parts intensify with each day, predictive contractions, parts grow from day to day, the abdomen grows unimaginably, and some just get bored, because: the house cleaned, current affairs (often and also overdue ones) already taken care of, the bag packed, the room prepared.

It remains to wait, listen to your own body. With each subsequent week we are getting more and more impatient. Each of us can not wait to see their baby with our own eyes, until we hug. Some women are afraid of childbirth and it is he who sends them positive thoughts about seeing the baby. Instead, they have ideas about the course of delivery, the fetal bladder, contraction of the partis and others. This not only receives the pleasure of waiting and stifles this note of excitement, but above all introduces chaos to the head of a pregnant woman, sometimes leads to panic.

Can this be remedied? Rather difficult. AND it is also hard to be surprised at the future mother that she has had enough. Ailments caused by a large belly intensify, daily activities become a barefoot struggle with the Himalayas, the baby's movements slowly cease to be pleasant and become painful, the body begins to refuse to cooperate, the spine hurts, the legs swell, pain in the joints often appears.

In my case it was similar and different at the same time. I could divide the last 4 weeks into 2 parts. From 36 to 39 weeks passed quickly. Finally, I started getting ready, preparing my bag. I tried to take advantage of the last moments when I can go out somewhere, meet in a larger group, when I can "sell" Łucja to my grandparents and to go to the cinema with my husband, for dinner or a walk, only the two of us. I won't have such an opportunity for the next few months. These weeks passed quickly. And even though the cramps bothered me a lot, I couldn't travel any further, because the forced body position during the ride was very bad, but I felt the last breath of freedom and energy. I was assisted by my mother-in-law and mother, so it was easier for me to look after Lucia, who spent her days outside, gaining new experiences and skills every day. I was very pleased to see how he learns something new and new, how he plays with other children on the playground, how smiling and happy she is. I couldn't give her those moments because I had no strength for it.

Basia turned out to be a rather mean person. In recent weeks she has decided to start sleeping on my lungs. I ended up waking up with apnea during the few nights, barely gasping for air. One night she fitted her lungs so skillfully that I couldn't sleep and I almost fainted in the morning. Effect? A visit to the internist with breathlessness in a cage. Seeing a pregnant woman at week 38, he called for an ambulance to drive me to the hospital's cardiology department. There I learned that I shouldn't get to them because I am pregnant exclusively on the pathology of pregnancy. And so it came from Annas to Caiaphas that I do not have pulmonary embolism, only myocardial pulse and tachycardia. Nevertheless, I also visited the maternity hospital, where I made sure that the whole operation did not cause hypoxia in the child. Phew.

2 weeks ahead of schedule I went with referral to hospital. There I learned that I had "hen hen" until delivery ... My stomach was heavy, my strength was short, my contractions were tired. I WANTED, not for "hen hen"! The doctor suggested that she could try to help me give birth earlier than "hen hen". During the study, however, she found that her efforts would be of no avail and sent me home empty-handed.

In the last 4 weeks I have often visited the hospital admission room. As a multi-family (because I have earned such a status now) I should approach this pregnancy with a much greater distance, and even ignoring many signals. Meanwhile, it was during this pregnancy that I panicked and I was not sure of anything. Probably it was caused by transitions in the first trimester, hemorrhage, incorrect diagnosis and nerves that accompanied me at the time. It was with Barbara that I wasn't sure of anything. Cramps, what kind of cramps do I have? Do I have the right moves? Are they too many / too few? The child was seated low, so when I was in the car I got a phobia that I could damage the child, be hypoxic, or deform it. Paranojas accompanying me were not characteristic even for the Firstborn. On the one hand, I was aware of this, but on the other I could not turn this thinking off in time. After all, something was always happening in this pregnancy ...

Then came the last week. I already slept sitting down, which Basia wouldn't suffocate me and herself. During the day I tried to lie down, but this was made difficult by Łucja jumping for me. In the end I spent the last week largely on a chair, crushing my stomach mercilessly.

I had the deadline on September 17, Monday. Thread. On Tuesday I went to the hospital hoping to hear that it was already. The same lady doctor said the same thing two weeks earlier: "hen hen". She weighed the baby and turned out to be a crumb weighing only 3300g. After getting acquainted with the pregnancy card, she suggested that in case of cramps or any symptoms of childbirth, I quickly get involved with my arrival, because the child may "fall out" along the way and I may not be able to get there. She suggested that just 15 months earlier I gave birth to colossus 4180g and this time I can go much faster. The doctor, seeing my face with a sad expression, said that she would try to examine me so that I would not wait for the delivery of another 2 weeks, but with my "preparation" this and her examination may not cope. With such a diagnosis, disappointed completely and I came home all along the line.

Another chance for good news came along with the "hen hen" heard.

Hope was revived again on Thursday, September 20, when I was marked with another mark. I think: I have a birthday. It's a perfect day for good news. The young doctor, reminiscent of MP Robert Biedroń, confirmed those Job's "hen hen", but gave a hint of hope, saying that "something moved." He added, unfortunately, that this condition can both indicate an hourly delivery (oh, how wonderful it would be!) And in 5 days. Devastated, I returned home.

And then Friday came. From the morning I was filled with great hope. September 21, beautiful date, a kind of anagram (21-9-12), to this Friday "weekend start". Yes, I want to give birth today (I will only mention that I repeated it to myself every day, for a month). My husband works at home, I have a daughter who has been playing in the sandpit since the crack of dawn, I am sitting on a 30-cm stool and I make grandmothers with her. In the meantime, I meet several neighbors. Familiarly.

What I sit down to I get cramps. I do not react, because it is quite normal that I get cramps, sitting on such a low stool, thus bending in half. Around noon, cramps began to catch me, even in a reclining position. The husband suggested taking notes. And so they fell every 10 minutes, every 20 minutes, then a break of 40 minutes. Differently. Over the last hour, my husband flipped through notes from the birthing school and ordained NO-SPA for me. He said that my contractions would either pass or would regulate. Gradually they began to regulate. And so around 13:30 they occurred every 10 min. However, they were so weak and short that I did not treat them as delivery.

No less decided with my husband go to the hospital to be sure. We assumed that when they make fun of us, it's hard. Around 15 we put Łusia under the care of her mother and went to the friend's Admission Room. There, the doctor with a dignified expression said that these were the cramps, but that the delivery was in its infancy. They will accept me no less. One lasting over 40 min confirmed the occurrence of cramps. The strangest thing for me was that these contractions were weak and short. From the last birth I remember how they broke me half ... After 17:30 we went to the delivery room. Already at the threshold I was struck by the luxury of that place. The hall itself was 40 - 50 meters. There was a bathroom separated in it, and everything in it - a shower, a bidet. In the Hall, there is a cosmic bed, a sack, balls, immersion bath, some ropes attached to the ceiling, ladders, even a table with 2 armchairs and a radio. Luxury overwhelmed me. A midwife came and pointed to the cupboards, told me to change and call her. I followed the instructions.

It was already 17:50. The midwife introduced herself and said that by 19:00 she would be "working with me". She said they had a small crisis and I would have to examine me around 18:15. She went out. At this point, as if someone hit me with a stick under my knees. I got such a contraction that I almost fell to the floor. From that moment I got such cramps every 1.5 minutes! The future midwife said 3 cm. Then I panicked. How is 3 cm when I have cramps every now and then? After all, up to 10 cm I will die 10 times! Connected someone The rest rolled as if beyond me. At one point, I received a message saying that I am giving birth. And so, in the weirdest position in the world, I gave birth to Basia at 18:40.

Pace of delivery my husband and I were so surprised that we thought we were disappointed. We were prepared for an overnight fight, and in the meantime it was still light. I felt so good that in the shower I realized that I could go home now. The surprise lasted several hours. Then the emotions subsided a bit and sleep came over us. And so from Friday night, there was a shortcake in our lives, Barbara.

Do you know what is the most beautiful in all this? I can sleep on my stomach again!