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Fortune-telling for a child's birthday - how to organize it?

Fortune-telling for a child's birthday - how to organize it?

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In many regions of Poland, fortune-telling is practiced for one year, which is an attractive point for a family gathering to celebrate the first birthday. It is already a tradition and for many an excuse to look into the future, forecasting how the fate of the annual toddler will turn. What should a divination look like for one year old? And is it worth practicing this custom?

Fortune-telling for a child's birthday - how to organize it?

Traditional divination on the occasion of the first birthday consists in placing in front of the child, preferably on a low table of several items. It is recommended to prepare everything in advance so that the toddler notices all objects at one time. Placing things in the presence of a child may somehow decide on which object to reach first. Often the most interesting is what the parent currently holds in his hands.

You can also hide items under plates or bowls, so that the choice is decided by accident, not a flash in the eye of the child.

What is divination for one year? We put objects in front of the child and observe the toddler's behavior, or rather what the child will be interested in first.

What counts above all is the subject that the child will reach first. Sometimes another choice is also considered.

There are different versions of divination for a year.

Fortune-telling for a year - what to put in front of a child

The basic divination for one year assumes the placement of the following objects in front of the child:

  • rosary (prayer books, cross) - symbolizing faith and piety, and for some the choice of spiritual life (future in a cassock),
  • a glass - symbolizing a tendency to alcohol and entertainment life,
  • money - symbolizing prosperous life, wealth, resourcefulness and career.

Sometimes other additional items are also placed in front of the child:

  • a book - symbolizing wisdom, learning and readiness to broaden knowledge, also a career in professions considered "intellectual",
  • a hammer - often placed in front of a boy, symbolizing craft trades,
  • playing cards - symbolize a tendency to excessive risk, gambling and financial problems,
  • wedding ring - symbol of early marriage or depending on interpretation - happy family life,
  • threads - usually laid in front of a girl, a symbol of tailoring professions,
  • pen - symbolizes that in the future the child will become a person who speaks efficiently in writing or as an official or office worker.

Fortune-telling for the year is fun

Fortune-telling on the first birthday, what the future awaits the child is fun. Rather, it should not be taken too seriously. It is definitely worth taking a few commemorative photos to be able to tell your child what a traditional divination on the first birthday looked like in the future.

Do you practice this habit?