What is useful when walking with your child? - CONTEST

What is useful when walking with your child? - CONTEST

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Beloved, the first edition of the competition, organized in cooperation with, has barely finished, and we are already starting with another fun. We hope you will send lots of inspiring emails this time. We are counting on you! We have supernaturals that we will gladly hand over to you!

The good news is that this is the second edition of our competition, after which we invite you to the third competition. All great prizes are funded by!

What will the competition task consist in this time?

Beautiful weather means that we spend more and more time outdoors, with children ... We go for short walks and longer trips. We show children the beauty of nature, relax and spend time in a healthy way. And this activity will be devoted to the competition: walks ....

1st prize in the competition

Competition task

How to facilitate a walk with a child? What works when hiking together? Maybe some gadget, an item from the offer or maybe you have a reliable way to walk together ...? Do you organize walks with a specific purpose (you collect flowers, colorful pebbles), themed games, you turn the walk into a treasure hunt with a magic map or something else?

Answer how to make your walk with your child more pleasant and win a stroller and pram bag funded by MiniTraper.p!

We are waiting for the answers at the address: [email protected] in the title "MiniTraper II". Don't forget to sign with your name.


1st prize: Baby Design Mini stroller color 09 (brown)

2nd prize: Trolley bag Maxi-Cosi Flexi Bag, total Black

2nd prize in the competition

Duration of the competition

The competition runs from May 19 to June 2, 2015 until midnight.

Detailed regulations are available here.

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