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The child doesn't speak Don't wait until it starts! Work

The child doesn't speak Don't wait until it starts! Work

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The best time to develop speech is first three years. It is during this period that the child learns to communicate with the environment in a natural way. After the fourth year, the brain parts responsible for speech development reach their maturity. That is why it is so important to not wait for the child to speak by himself, but intervene if the child does not speak and is two or three years old.

The child doesn't speak

When the child does not speak, the problem is often downplayed. Not necessarily by the parents of the toddler, but his surroundings and even doctors. Worried mom or dad often hear "He still has time" which, unfortunately, puts their vigilance to sleep and takes away the chance to even out differences between children and make up for loss of speech learning.

If the child is two or three years old and does not speak, Look for reasons for delaying speech learning.

Two-year-old's speech

A two-year-old child (up to 27 months old) should speak about 300 words, we belong to this group soundtrack (cluster of sounds)that matter to the child. If the child says "bu" and it refers to shoes, it is a word, if "ka" is a cap is another word, even if the same "ka" may mean slippers in a different situation - we have two words. In this way the range of words significantly enriches.

It react enthusiastically to the child's first attempts to communicate, remembering to speak to the toddler correctly, each time citing the correct form of the word, but at the same time not discipline for creating new forms.

The toddler should be happy to repeat the words heard, build the first simple sentences "mother is", "dad give", "baba not".

Three-year-old's speech

A three-year-old child should speak understandably not only to parents and relatives, but also to strangers whom he does not deal with on a daily basis. Communication with a three-year-old should take place efficiently and without much problem.

Of course, you can notice individual differences in the pace of development between children, but if a child of three years says nothing or very little (still syllables, incomprehensible words), you should seek help from a specialist.

The child does not say - what could be the reason?

When the child does not speak, it should be an important signal for parents, motivation to look for the cause of problems. There can be many of them:

  • autism spectrum disorder
  • specific language disorders SLI,
  • Alalia,
  • hearing
  • other.

Why is proper speech development so important?

Proper speech development has an impact on many other areas:

  • behavior - a child who cannot express his needs feels frustrated and lost.
  • has an impact on eating skills, food selectivity may be associated with speech delay,
  • allows you to learn the world of emotions and express what your child feels
  • facilitates adaptation in new surroundings, e.g. in kindergarten,
  • is necessary to categorize the world, assign certain features to objects,
  • speech retardation has an adverse effect on learning to write and read,
  • speech delay affects the lack of understanding of read / heard text and cause-effect relationship.

Early intervention in the event of speech delay avoids many problems in the future. Therefore, do not underestimate the topic and if in doubt, go to a speech therapist.