Contraindications to breastfeeding - do you know them all?

Contraindications to breastfeeding - do you know them all?

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Breastfeeding is the best way to provide your baby with valuable nutrients in the first months of life. However, despite the many advantages associated with it, there are situations in which there are absolute contraindications to natural feeding. Do you know them all? Do you know when you should not breastfeed? Here are the contraindications to breastfeeding.

Mother's milk is the best food for a small child, and breastfeeding is the most appropriate way to provide your baby with valuable nutrients. However, there are situations when you should refrain from feeding your child. Here are the contraindications for breastfeeding, read carefully and check that they do not apply to you.

Absolute contraindications for breastfeeding on the mother's part

Mother's contraindications for breastfeeding:

  • active tuberculosis
  • HIV status
  • drug addiction
  • maternal use of certain drugs, e.g. barbiturates, cytostatics, anti-epileptic drugs,
  • active herpes on the wart or areola,
  • breast abscess (after cleansing the breast, you can go back to breast feeding).
  • radiation therapy (if the breast is exposed, you cannot feed it)
  • chemotherapy (or injections from radioactive compounds),
  • severe mental illness.

Absolute contraindications for breastfeeding on the part of the child

  • galactosemia (a genetic disease in which galactose cannot convert to glucose).
  • phenylketonuria (partially prevents natural feeding. It is recommended to supplement phenylalanine products with mother's milk)
  • maple syrup disease (a genetic disease manifested by irregularities in the metabolism of amino acids).
  • congenital lactose intolerance
  • extensive cleft palate (relative contraindication: possible to overcome after choosing the right position for feeding, depends on the individual degree of change.
  • lack of sucking and swallowing reflex - relative (a problem that can often be eliminated by using the support of lactation advisers, patience and consistency)

Breastfeeding contraindications are not:

  • cold,
  • fever
  • Caesarean section,
  • initial difficulties.

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. Mother's food contains everything that a small child needs. However, there are contraindications that stand in the way of baby feeding naturally. It's worth knowing them. However, there are so few that in a situation where you can breastfeed, it's worth doing everything to make it work. The beginnings are often difficult, but the help of qualified people helps prevent problems.