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UNIGEL KIDS gel dressing

UNIGEL KIDS gel dressing

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The children are full of energy. They lose their breath discover the world, jump, climb, run and often ... fall over. Most falls are harmless, but some end up in scratches, cuts, larger or smaller wounds. Especially now, in the summer, during the holidays, when children have their knees and elbows exposed, it is not difficult to get cuts and abrasions.

What to do if your toddler kicks his knee while playing?

Reach for new on the market - Unigel Kids gel dressing, perfect for cuts, abrasions, but also lesions after an insect bite or sunburn. We checked how the gel dressing works in practice.

A dressing or a slice?

Gel dressings not only protect the wound from dirt, but also allow it to regenerate faster. Unlike patches, which often prolong recovery, gel dressings help reduce wound healing. Besides, they have much wider use than traditional slices - can be applied to places after a mosquito bite, changes resulting from atopic dermatitis, acne, blisters, and even inflammation around the navel in newborns. This is an incomplete list, the possibilities of using gel dressings are much more.

How does Unigel Kids work?

Unigel Kids is a novelty on the market. Product unique, unique in its category, patented. It bases its effectiveness on polymer gel structure with built-in free radical catchers. There are no side effects behind the product's effectiveness. Unigel Kids is safe to use and recommended for all ages, including newborns.

From the manufacturer's information:

  • Unigel Kids accelerate wound healing by up to 50%,
  • the product is intended for all age groups - it can be used in newborns, as well as pregnant and lactating women,
  • does not penetrate into the body,
  • works locally,
  • has microbicidal properties,
  • does not contain antibiotics,
  • free from materials of biological origin,
  • hypoallergenic,
  • increases the elasticity of the wound, thanks to which it has an analgesic effect,
  • prevents scabs, thus reducing the risk of scars.

The manufacturer in the leaflet attached to the product indicates that no side effects were found during the tests. Unigel Kids is safe to use. However, if during the therapy severe pain or redness occurs, you should consult your doctor.

Very versatile use

Unigel Kids gel dressings are very widely used.

Unigel Kids can be used on:

  • abrasions,
  • scratches,
  • cuts,
  • lacerations,
  • blisters,
  • cuts,
  • Sun burns,
  • mosquito bites,
  • stab wounds, stung wounds, after injuries,
  • hard to heal changes,
  • acne,
  • newborn's navel inflammation,
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • diaper dermatitis.

Unigel Kids - our test

It is difficult to say unequivocally that Unigel Kids accelerates wound healing, because it could be objectively observed by observing two the same wounds in one person, one would be covered with a gel dressing and the other would not. The manufacturer, who ensures that the product reduces the time of reconstruction of the epidermis, refers to clinical experience and research that confirms that a humid environment significantly accelerates wound healing, supports the process of cell division and movement. In addition, it maintains a constant temperature, which is of great importance for the speed of skin healing.

During testing, I noticed other product features.

The first is convenience of use. Unigel Kids for wounds is a simple solution during application. By opening the box and becoming familiar with its contents, you can quickly get an idea of ​​how to use the product. However, it is a pity that the manufacturer did not provide a simple graphical user manual that would complement the detailed description.

After cleaning the wound, apply a gel and cover it with a transparent, thin dressing. And now Finished!

The dressing holds very well strongly adheres to the skin, which, however, does not cause discomfort. The gel does not leak and the dressing does not feel properly, as confirmed by our 5-year-old tester. The dressing also does not tempt small hands to play with it, to try to peel off, which often happens when a slice is stuck on the daughter's skin.

Thirdly, the dressing is very discreet. Thanks to the fact that it is transparent, you can't see it properly, it matters when the wound is large and you do not necessarily want to pay attention to it.

Fourth, it is a product unique, patented, one of a kind. An interesting proposition for parents of active children, it is worth throwing Unigel Kids into the family first aid kit.

We recommend!

Price; about 25 zlotys